Frustrated With Your High Electricity Bills? Why Not Get Your TNB Meter Check?


If your recent TNB bill has increased significantly, especially after changing to the new digital meter, why not getting it check? If you were to report this to TNB, chances are you’ll get all sorts of replies and excuses. To have a peace of mind and to save your pocket on the long run, why not get your TNB digital meter check by an independent professional.


Check Your TNB Meter is a Parti Keadilan Rakyat Community Initiative Program. It’s an initiative that triggered by citizens complaining about their bills; some experienced an increase of up to 40%. In order to pressure the government to agree to set up an independent body, we need at least 10,000 petitioners to support this campaign. So vote yes to independent meter checking!

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Being a consumer who pays my TNB every month, I cannot deny the fact that my TNB bills have increased over the years despite having many household appliances and lightings which are energy-saving. Although this program is somewhat political-related, I feel that this program will only benefit the consumers.

I’ve pledged to get my meter check, now you can do so too via or click the image above.

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