Apple Set to Unveil Gold iPhone

Gold iPhone

Only couple of weeks to go before the big event from Apple and the rumour mill is yet again busy churning out news of a new colour for the next-generation iPhone. Recent news of Apple getting all fun and colourful is not really much of a secret anymore. With the iOS 7 and then the colourful budget iPhone, adding yet another colour to its already colourful palette is not much of an issue.

According to AllThingsD, “after years of offering the iPhone in either black and white, will soon offer it in a gold tone, as well. Apple-news siteiMore was first to break the news last Friday, its story corroborated in short order byTechCrunch on Sunday, along with 9to5Mac.”

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When iPhone was first launched back in 2007, it only came with one colour, Silver Black. Then iPhone 3G was introduced with a variation of white instead of the standard black. Since then, the rest of the iPhone versions came in either black or white. The only phone I know that comes in gold is a Vertu. Why the new color option now? Gold tones are among the easiest colors to anodize, so technologically it’s an easy option to offer and it’s becoming a more sought-after colour option in China market.

New Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 in Three Sizes

Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 8.0-inch

Samsung Malaysia Electronics today announced the introduction of the GALAXY Tab 3 7.0-inch, 8.0-inch and the 10.1-inch. As if one size is not sufficient, now you have three sizes to choose from. Surely this is will appeal to consumers who want a little variety in size to suit their lifestyle. Whether surfing the web at home or reading during the commute, each device is packed with enhanced content and intuitive design perfect for the whole family.

Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 (7.0-inch)

The GALAXY Tab 3 7.0-inch comes in a slim 9.9mm thickness and light 306g design, offering a comfortable and ideal fit for kids and in the hand for the best portability. It comes with 1.2GHz Dual Core processor that offers a smoother user experience with access to premium content on Samsung Hub and WatchON.

Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 (8.0-inch)

The GALAXY Tab 3 8.0-inch is designed to be held in one hand and is the optimal device for viewing videos, playing enhanced games, and reading e-Books anytime, anywhere. With a slim bezel designed, it gives maximum screen for Samsung’s “reading mode” technology. It optimizes the display to deliver perfect illumination and tone for comfortable paperlike readability in a variety of lighting conditions that works best on an 8.0-inch screen. Samsung’s Sound Alive for Audio and Dolby Surround for Video Play maximize every sound, allowing users to enjoy clearer dialogue, consistent volume levels, and superior audio to enhance the overall multimedia experience. The physical keys on the bezel at bottom give users a comfortable smartphone-like experience in navigating.

It makes travel and discovery more effortless, the GALAXY Tab 3 8.0-inch features S Translator, which provides instant translation through voice recognition and via text on applications including email, text message, and ChatON. This instant translation is possible both from speech-to-text and text-to-speech, ensuring that you can communicate with ease while traveling internationally. The S Travel feature, a Smart Travel Companion, provides real-time local information in need for travel along with user’s travel paths. Users can get information and make reservation of the places classified in various categories such as Place, Hotel, Tickets, Food and Forum, and more. In addition, intuitive features such as Story Album and Group Play also allow users more ways to instantly share and enjoy music, photos, documents, and games with those around them.

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Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 (10.1-inch)

Built to be the leading 10-inch tablet in the market, the GALAXY Tab 3 10.1-inch seamlessly combines sleek design and enhanced multimedia capabilities for home and family use. Stacked with a 1.6 GHz Dual Core processor, the GALAXY Tab 3 10.1-inch is the ideal device for everyday family use and multimedia consumption. Featuring a comprehensive suite of video, music, and photo software, and coupled with the clarity of its display, the GALAXY Tab 3 10.1 takes center stage for portable home entertainment.

Equipped with Smart Remote and MHL (TV Out) capabilities, the GALAXY Tab 3 10.1 seamlessly transitions from the perfect gaming device for kids to the ideal home media control device for the parents. Whether streaming movies to the family television or playing games at the highest resolution, the GALAXY Tab 3 10.1-inch smoothly integrates into the household media environment for an experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

For multimedia content and more detailed information, please visit and

Download GALAXY Tab 3 Fact Sheet

‘Siu Yoke’ Roast Pork at Wong Mei Kee, Pudu [Non-Halal]

Dato preparing the dishes


Restoran Wong Mei Kei or also known as Wong Kee in Pudu is well-known for its succulent and crispy ‘Siu Yoke’ or roast pork – good enough to whet your appetite. Located at the corner shop along Jalan Nyonya in Pudu, somewhere behind Shaw Parade, Restoran Wong Mei Kee has got a reputation for serving the best ‘Siu Yoke’and amazingly keeping their customers waiting patiently. They only begin serving from 12.30pm onwards.

Wall of Fame?

I call it ‘Dato Siu Yoke’ because the owner who prepares the dishes is or supposedly to be a Dato, according to the photo on the restaurant wall. The main attraction to Wong Mei Kee is definitely not the ‘Dato’ but rather the chunky and succulent roast pork they served there.  Even though many foodies claimed that this is the best Siu Yoke in KL, I begged to differ because I’ve tasted much better Siu Yoke than this. However, if you’re talking about the best Siu Yoke within that area of Kuala Lumpur, then I would agree.


Chunky and succulent Siu Yoke

The Siu Yoke has got the right proportion of fats, juicy meat and crispy skin but I feel that it’s a bit way too chunky. Some may like it a lot but I prefer mine with a little less chunky, then it’ll be less fatty.

BBQ Honey-glazed Char Siu

The ‘Char Siu’ or BBQ honey-glazed pork is nice but nothing much to shout about. It shows too when most customers rather wait for the Siu Yoke than to have the Char Siu there. Although there are some customers who go for roast chicken rice, I can also tell that it’s not exactly their best seller.

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Lunch at Wong Mei Kee is never cheap, even for a single-portion dish. A normal single-portion Siu Yoke rice will cost you RM12. There were five of us for lunch and we ordered Siu Yoke and Char Siu for five person. We payed RM98 for lunch with iced Chinese tea for all five or us. Although the meal was great but the price can be quite a talking point after lunch. So, unless you’re ready to pay for it, go easy on the Siu Yoke, okay.

View Restoran Wong Kee in a larger map

Wong Mei Kee (Wong Kee) (王美记) Hai Lam Chicken Rice & Roast Pork
30, Jalan Nyonya,
Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Hunger Rating : My Hunger : 3 Satisfaction Rating : My Hunger : 3

Hunger Rating is to tell how hungry I am at the moment of time and Satisfaction Rating is the overall rating for the food and presentation.

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