Leaked iPad 5 Back Shell Shows Size Difference


With iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S selling more than 9 million units two weeks after it was launch, it is time to shift our attention to a bigger picture, the iPad 5. It has been rumoured that Apple will be having yet another event mid in mid of October and it is speculated that Apple will be introducing a new range of iPads, including the rumoured iPad 5.

Leaked photos of iPad 5 parts have been floating around for a number of weeks now and Chinese part supplier sw-box.com recently released a detailed video of the slate-gray enclosure of the assuming iPad 5. This latest video does a good job detailing the physical differences between the iPad 4 and iPad 5.

As shown in the video, the iPad 5 adopts a similar design to the currently shipping iPad mini. We’ll just have to wait for a couple weeks more to find out.

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