Prawn Mee (Hokkien Mee) @ Restoran Kam Heong, PJ State

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Looking for a good prawn mee place in PJ besides Lim Mee Yoke? Well, then you should try out this prawn mee stall at Restoran Kam Heong in PJ State. One of the best prawn mee I’ve tried so far.

Restoran Kam Heong is cornershop restaurant located somewhere along Jalan Tengah, off Jalan Sultan just nearby Menara MBPJ. If you’re familiar with PJ State, then you should know where Public Bank and HSBC Bank are located. Well, Restoran Kam Heong is located right behind these two banks.

Restoran Kam Heong has been around for decades. It’s a hawker-style restaurant dishing out some of the best food in PJ district. We used to frequent the same restaurant for duck rice when I was younger. The duck rice stall is still there, but they only serve lunch and dinner crowd.


As for the prawn mee, I usually patronise Restoran Kam Heong in the morning for breakfast. Unlike many other prawn mee that I’ve tasted, the prawn mee served here at Restoran Kam Heong is the closest to my liking… and wifey’s too. There are many names for prawn mee in Malaysia. Prawn Mee is better known as Hokkien Mee in the northern region especially in Penang. In Ipoh and the southern region, it is known as ‘Har Meen’ in Cantonese or ‘Hae Mee’ in Hokkien. But no matter what it’s called, you can tell it’s a prawn mee from its distinct ‘prawny’ smell.


Prawn Mee is usually served with yellow noodle and rice noodles in a fragrant stock, which is made from fresh shrimps and dried prawns, as well as pork or chicken.  Some places in PJ and KL, they even served with slices of hard-boiled egg.

Somehow, I particularly like this prawn mee for some reason. Perhaps it’s because the soup is tasty and less ‘prawny’ than others. Yes, some prawn mee stalls have that heavy ‘prawny’ stench and I don’t really fancy that kind of smell, let alone putting it in my mouth. Served with generous portion of tauge (beansprouts), kangkung and pork, just one bowl of it in the morning can last you till late noon. And if you want a little more heat to your prawn mee, you can always mix in a little bit of sambal.


RM5.50 for a bowl of Prawn Mee, I’m definitely keeping this bowl dry!

Google Map Location:

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Restoran Kam Heong
Prawn Mee Stall,

8, Jalan Tengah (Off Jalan Yong Shook Lin)
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47300

Hunger Rating : My Hunger : 4 Satisfaction Rating : My Hunger : 4

Hunger Rating is to tell how hungry I am at the moment of time and Satisfaction Rating is the overall rating for the food and presentation.

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