RON95 and Diesel Prices Up 20 Sen – Congestion and Rage


PM Najib Razak announced that petrol prices for RON95 and diesel will be increased by 20 sen effective 12 midnight on September 3. Surely this announcement does not favour many and caused quite a fuss in many petrol kiosks nationwide.

After the announcement, many angry rakyat have no choice but turn to social network sites like Facebook and Twitter to rant their displeasures, including myself. Rakyat blame the government but many blame others for being ‘Kiasu’ with the price hike and causing unnecessary congestion around the neighbourhood. Some even vent their anger at the petrol kiosk.

An incident that took place at an unknown petrol kiosk happened last night.

Honestly, we shouldn’t be blaming each other as we, the rakyat, are clearly the victim. To view the history of fuel price in Malaysia, click here.

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