Super-Fit Mum Maria Kang asks, ‘What’s Your Excuse?’

Super-fit mom, Maria Kang

A California-based writer and fitness blogger is currently in hot water after posting a photo of herself with her three boys on her Facebook page. Maria Kang, 32 posted a photo of herself in sports bra and shorts, showing off her well-toned body with her three boys on the floor with the caption “What’s Your Excuse?”. This sparks fury to some Facebook users (mostly women) whom accused her of being a bully and fat-shaming many mothers who are less ‘healthy-looking’ than her.

After more than 20,000 Facebook shares and receiving more than 30,000 comments, she just can’t shake away from critics calling her a bully and who demanded an apology from her. So in reply to these critics, Kang issued a faux-pology, pointing out she’s not naturally skinny and works relentlessly to stay in shape. If you interpreted her post as a dig at other mums, she says, that’s not her fault. It’s yours.

Now I’m not going to comment about these critics but rather to point out what I first see from the photo itself. It’s inspiring. It’s motivating and it’s definitely mesmerizing to see a pretty lady with a hot body and only to find out that she is a mother of three lovely boys. I do not feel angry but I actually feel motivated after seeing her photo. She is truly amazing, I thought.

I guess in life, there will always be haters and people who see things differently from us. But before we pass any judgment upon a good intention, it’s best to ask yourself why you would think otherwise.


[Picture Source: Facebook]
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