Keeping My Digital Assets Safe with WD 1TB My Passport SLIM – First Thin Drive with Metal Case and Hardware Encryption

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Living in a fast pace digital life and always on the go, I need carry along an external drive with me most of the time. The digital age allows me to do more things – capture more, write more and even create more digital assets. But the question drills down to, how do I keep all my digital assets safe, portable and to easy to access? It’s quite simple, with a reliable external storage with huge capacity, and hopefully without the bulk.

I recently got my hands on WD’s 1TB My Passport Slim external drive and so far I’m extremely happy with it. The My Passport Slim was launched earlier this month and WD is the first to introduce the 1TB and 2TB thin drive with metal case and hardware encryption into their line of digital storage solution.


My Passport Slim’s metal case is really a nice touch. Its rigid and slim form definitely weighs lighter than many external drive of its size. My Passport Slim in no bigger than my Braun Buffel wallet, it measures a scant 4.33 x 3.14 x 0.48 inches. It’s easier if you just compare it with the wallet. My Passport Slim also incorporates super-fast USB 3.0 connectivity for speedy transfer of heavy data files – so no more waiting for hours to transfer and backing up my huge data from my PC!


WD SmartWare Pro data protection software that comes with it allows me to back up my data to my drive and keep an extra copy in my Dropbox account for peace of mind. The 256-bit hardware-based encryption ensures my digital assets are always secured – you would have to literally rip the drive a part to get into the storage disk to actually get the data. So let’s say, if you’re a thief trying to steal my stuff, ripping the drive a part is not really a good idea.

So yeah, WD is definitely doing it right by setting a new industry standard for portability, capacity and data protection. As for the pricing, the recommended retail price for My Passport Slim 1TB is RM309.00 and the 2TB is RM489.00. Both drives are protected by 3-year limited warranty and it’s available from selected retailers. Quite a reasonable price for a sleek, safe and slim portable drive.

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