Pumped Up for 2013 Fireball World Championship Series Malaysia

2012 Fireball WCS in Taiwan - Team AirAsia- Malaysia

It’s official, we’re in the last quarter of 2013 and the heat is building up. WCS is just around the corner and we’re now feeling the pressure to perform our best once again bearing the Jalur Gemilang embroidered to the t-shirt on our chest.

Although it was a year ago, but it still feels like yesterday, when all thirteen of us went over to Taiwan, rather unprepared, and played our very best for our country. Our arms are sore and our legs are aching beyond words. At times we feel like giving up but we kept each other motivated and push each other further.

At the last day of the tournament, we held our heads high, although losing to Team USA and Kuwait, we walked away as third best in the world along with 4 other world titles.

And now, we have to do it all over again and we must do better than before. The 2013 Fireball World Championship Series Malaysia will take place in Fahrenheit 88 mall and the tournament will run from October 30 to November 3. Once again, we’ll meet old friends and foes (when we’re competing on the table). It will be yet another memorable event and I truly hope that Team Malaysia will shine again.

Malaysia Boleh!

2013 Fireball World Championship Series Malaysia

To find out more about 2013 Fireball World Championship Series Malaysia, do visit MY Table Soccer website.

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