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My Recipe for Home-Style Chinese Fried Rice with Wing Heong’s Honey Bacon ‘Bakkwa’ [Video]

October 20, 2013 by Galvin Tan in Featured, Food with 0 Comments

Home-style Fried Rice with Honey Bacon 'Bakkwa'

I do cook at home whenever possible and I enjoyed my time in the kitchen. I don’t regard myself as a great cook but I do know how to cook up some simple but extremely yummy dishes for my family. Chinese fried rice is one of my favourite dishes but I like to make my own recipe for it. This particular recipe I’m going to share today is my very own creation and I called it ‘Home-style Chinese Fried Rice with ‘Bakkwa’. It’s a simple yet delicious meal to cook and my family loves it a lot.

Unlike any other Chinese fried rice recipes, I use ‘bakkwa’ instead of ‘lap cheong’. I’m using Wing Heong’s Honey Bacon ‘bakkwa’ because it’s my favourite and perhaps the best ‘Bakkwa’ I’ve ever tasted so far. I prefer to use the ‘bakkwa’ because I don’t like the rancid taste and smell of ‘lap cheong’ so I use Honey Bacon ‘bakkwa’ – you can also use the traditional pork, beef or even chicken ‘bakkwa’. But seriously, try Wing Heong’s.

Cut the Honey Bacon 'Bakkwa' into small bits. fr_03 fr_04

My Home-style Chinese Fried Rice with Honey Bacon ‘Bakkwa’ is very simple to prepare. These are the things and ingredients needed:

  1. Rice – enough for 2-3 person
  2. Mix vege – carrots, corns, peas, cauliflower and even pepper  (all diced)
  3. Egg – beaten
  4. Soya sauce, Oyster sauce, salt and pepper – add them to taste
  5. Fresh prawns, slice chicken or beef – your choice
  6. 2-3 cloves of Garlic – chopped finely
  7. Honey Bacon ‘Bakkwa’ – diced to bits

You can watch the video below for the cooking steps but it’s pretty simple if you follow these steps:

  1. Heat up cooking oil in wok.
  2. Add in chopped garlic and give it a quick stir. Then add the rest of the mix vege and continue stirring it. If you’re using fresh prawns, add it after the mix vege or else you’ll over cook it.
  3. Now fry the eggs and keep stirring so you can clumps of fried eggs instead of an omelet.
  4. Add in the rice and continue stirring until everything is nicely cooked together.
  5. Add soya sauce, oyster sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Continue stirring everything gently to infuse the flavours.
  6. Once the fried rice is done, add in the honey bacon bits and give it a good stir.
  7. And finally, serve it while it’s hot with any condiments of your choice.

This is a very simple recipe and you can cook it easily for lunch and for dinner. I usually prepare for 3-4 people so you will need to estimate your ingredients to your preference. If it’s your first time cooking and trying out my recipe, you’ll probably need a try it a few times before you can get the hang of it. But if you’re a seasoned cook, you will find using ‘bakkwa’ gives more fragrant to your dishes. Hope you find this recipe helpful and enjoy cooking it as much as I do.

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Somebody once told me that Chinese folks don't really eat a lot of meat. I was surprised because most of my favorite Chinese meals involve chicken. However, I have never been there. Is that true? I know this isn't necessarily a Chinese meal you are cooking, but I just thought you may know more than me about this subject. 

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