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Never Ending Fun with P1’s ForHome™ Unlimited Broadband Plans

I bet everyone has got a friend or know somebody who is a big party pooper – that one person that always spoils the fun and drown all the excitements.  So how do you deal with these party poopers? You can’t do much actually, they exist everywhere, right?

So you hide yourself at home to avoid these party poopers but believe it or not, that in today’s technologically advanced Internet access, there is still one biggest party pooper lingering around? Yes, it’s called QUOTA!

Internet or Broadband quota is such a nuisance! You hate it especially when you hit month end and you’re up to something important or interesting – or when you’re watching that last episode of web-series Korean drama. You hit a snag when you want to tune in to your favourite tune on Spotify or having connectivity issue when you want to chat with your loved ones on Skype. It totally kills the fun to our Internet experience and it shouldn’t be happening. So what can we do to keep having fun, to keep doing the things we like to do on the Internet?

Stop the party pooper – get an unlimited broadband plan from P1!

Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd or simply known as P1 wants Malaysians to keep playing without limits. Their ForHome™ 99 and 149 broadband plans offer a speed up to 1Mbps and 2Mbps with unlimited quota is just the thing that we need. And with affordable prices of just RM99 and RM149, consumers no longer have to worry about data limit for such affordable broadband plans, hence encouraging Malaysians to keep playing in life.

So STOP THE PARTY POOPER and KEEP PLAYING. Find out more of P1’s ForHome™ broadband plans today!


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