Three Important Notes About Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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After getting a chance for a hands-on experience with the Galaxy Note 3 and Gear before it was launch, and after spending more than a month with the Galaxy Note 3, it is high time for me to share my experience on the Galaxy duo with my fellow readers.

Thanks to the good people from Samsung Malaysia, I had the opportunity to try out the Galaxy Note 3 with the Galaxy Gear before anyone in Malaysia had their hands on it; part of the perks of being a tech blogger. Well, as much as I would like to share my experience on both devices, it was rather a disappointing moment to know that the Galaxy Gear was not available for review. However, we get to really try it out during the tech bloggers’ workshop session.

During my review period, I had the chance to show the Galaxy Note 3 to some of my friends and family members. Surely, they all have their fair share of comments since some of them already owned a Note 2 or some other Galaxy brand smartphones. After hearing what they have to say, and with my self-discovery on the devices, I can easily note down 3 things about the Galaxy Note 3 and Gear to share with my fellow readers.


As much as Samsung wants to the world to accept it, the Galaxy Note 3 is not just for anyone – and especially those who have already owned a Galaxy Note 2. Many Galaxy Note 2 owners are either too proud with their Note 2 or too shy to admit that they have not fully utilized their existing device. However, I do hear a lot of Note 2 users not wanting to upgrade simply because their device is still pretty ‘new’ to them. Can’t blame them since most Note 2 owners I know only had their device for less than 6 months and so.

Although early adopters may not be tempted to switch to the new Note 3, I would strongly suggest new users who are keen to have a new and larger display smartphone to seriously consider the Galaxy Note 3.


During the workshop session, we’ve been taught how to use the S Pen for the Note 3. It was a cool learning experience at first, but when we’re on our own, we’re happier touching the large screen with our fingers than with the S Pen – also the fear of losing it (yes, it’s quite costly to buy a new one).

Although the S Pen is a great feature on the Galaxy Note series, many owners do not use it as often or at all. After attending the workshop, I’ve got the notion that the Galaxy Note 3 is all about the S Pen, but that did not fancy many existing Note 2 users I know. I myself hardly use the S Pen, except for that one moment I needed to write down a phone number using the Action Memo on the Air Command feature. While the Galaxy Note 3 has got a huge real estate but it’s still not big enough to doodle properly – and it’s almost impossible to doodle on the Note 3 with the S Pen when you’re inside the train or while you’re on a road trip?

However, the S Pen is the only thing that sets apart Note 3 from other smartphones in the market. While the S Pen may not tickle my fancy or impress many average Joes, I can think of a hundred other reasons how the S Pen could benefit an elite group of people. The S Pen is truly a unique experience for the Note 3 and many done easily, especially with its superb hand-writing recognition. So one thing’s for sure, the Note 3 will definitely appeal to the corporate executives who are always busy and need quick access to a mobile office on the go.


While one of the selling points of the Note 3 is its large 5.7-inch touchscreen display, the device itself is also way too bulky – or at least to me. While I’m used to carrying bulky stuff in my front pocket, the Note 3 is still way too big to fit inside my front pocket together with my wallet and my keys.

However, I have to admit that there are moments that I truly enjoy the larger screen; reading and playing game is much easier with less strain to my eyes.

So unless you’re carrying a man bag all the time, or you wear a suit with ample pocket space, then I would encourage you to seriously consider the Galaxy Note 3. As for the ladies, they’ll definitely be no problem at all.


The Galaxy Note 3 is truly an amazing smartphone. But however great it is, the Galaxy Note 3 is still a device that is only for an elite group of people. Note 3 will appeal to consumers because of its large screen and classy design. I’m very sure many will want it, but only a small group of people will truly appreciate it. Then again, this is entirely from where I stand; from my point of view; the way I see it and you don’t have to agree with it.

If you wish to know the specs of the Galaxy Note 3, you can find it here. And if you would like to know more about Galaxy Note 3, then watch the video below:

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