Samsung Galaxy Gear – It’s A Smartwatch, But Nowhere To Be Seen

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Now let’s talk a little about the Galaxy Gear. I had a brief moment with the Galaxy Gear during the launch. But it was during the workshop, I really get to play around with it. The Galaxy Gear allows you to relive your childhood days playing sci-fi games with your friends – talking to your friends through a communication device on your wrist. Now if you want to know the specs of the Galaxy Gear, you can find out the info here.

Samsung did a decent job creating a wearable device that feels classy enough with fairly elegant design.  The watch face is constructed with stainless steel, whose contoured shape helps it wrap around the wrist. So how comfortable the 73.8g watch is will depend largely on how your wrist is shaped. My wrist fits in quite comfortably but can’t really say the same for others. As for the display, we’re not going to spend much time on the resolution – it’s a 1.63-inch panel with 320 x 320 resolution, so don’t expect HD quality here.

What comes in really handy with the Galaxy Gear is the built-in camera and microphone. Now let’s not get any wild ideas here, we’re not into any James Bond movie here, but taking photo is really snappy and recording quick voice note is just a swipe away. Although the Galaxy Gear’s preset apps are highly customizable, the Galaxy Gear can only be customized when it is paired with Galaxy Note 3 and Note 3 alone – at least for now. The Gear will soon be compatible with more Samsung smartphones via the soon to be released Android 4.3 update which Samsung is releasing in phases.

With all the hype built around the Galaxy Gear, Samsung’s revolutionary smartwatch is nowhere to be seen yet. Although Galaxy Gear was launched together with Galaxy Note 3 back in September, many consumers had to wait for the actual unit to arrive at a much late date.  And with a price tag of RM999, I won’t expect to see many of these smartwatches around.


Currently, the Galaxy Gear is definitely the ultimate companion device for the Galaxy Note 3. And as time passes by, the Gear will be also great companion for many other Samsung’s smartphones in the market. However, I can only see Gear as an independent wearable tech when Samsung’s Gear Manager app is available for download on other Android devices.

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