How Secure Is Your Password?


If you think your password is secure enough, think again. That one common problem that most of us are facing today is that we have way too many internet accounts which require way too many password variations to remember. While some logins only require a 6-digit numeric password, others can be way too complex with case-sensitive alphanumeric characters.

Many of us often have the habit of using something dear or close to our heart as password and many of these passwords are often our birth date, mobile phone numbers, ID numbers and our previously owned car plate numbers. This is rather alarming and something we often ignore – when something is most dear to us, is often that something can be used against us.

8 Character PasswordHere’s an example of how fast it is to crack an eight character password.

I know some friends of mine who have a set of fixed passwords for their frequently used accounts, and I have to admit that I too share the same habit of recycling some old passwords for different accounts. While your passwords are somewhat safe with you, a simple password cracking PC software can easily crack your password and access your account faster than you can say ‘Oh my gosh, my account have been hacked!’.

How Secure Is My Password?

So, if you really want to keep your Internet and web accounts safe, try using something you’re less familiar with. Sure, remembering your password would be a hell but it sure is better than having some stranger going through your personal accounts and documents without your knowledge. So once you’ve got a preferred password in mind, do a quick cross-checking with HowSecureIsMyPassword.net just to see how secure your password is. Most likely, your password choice can be cracked with a desktop PC is less than 10 minutes. So pick one which will take novemdecillion years to do so!

[Source: HowSecureIsMyPassword.net]

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