P1 Nostalgic Nation: Bringing Back The Good Old Days

November 7, 2014 by Galvin Tan in Special with 1 Comment

P1 Nostalgic Nation

I’ve been slacking lately and haven’t been updating my blog as frequent. Ironically, with all the gadgets and technology we have today, life is moving faster but I’m having less time to do things for myself. This is why I miss the good ol’ days so much when things are much slower and I get to enjoy every moment of it. *sighhh*

I admit that I love technology and I’m also a gadget junkie. But I’m also quite a conservative person when it comes to traditions and culture. And ultimately, I’m such a sentimental fool. During my younger days, I love the outdoor and I’m always playing around my neighbourhood with my friends. We used to play ‘guli’, ‘gasing’, ‘kunda kundi’ and even kite flying a lot. Best part of my childhood was probably being able to make our own toys and games.

We made toys with things such as old newspapers, bamboo, ‘lidi’ (coconut leaf stem) and held them together with corn starch, strings and sellotape. Sure, I made quite a mess but the outcome of our effort was… fulfilling!

In conjunction with P1 Nostalgic Nation campaign, I have been challenged to a few tasks in honour of the good old days. The task is to create things that we used to play with and make a video out of it. So below are the three challenges that I did and I enjoyed every moment working on it.



The paper boat is one of the easiest paper toys to make. Sure, it requires a little practice but eventually you’ll get the hang of it. The most common paper boat is the ‘sampan’, it’s easy to fold and the end product also doubles as a goal post for paper table football. My friends and I used to make a lot of these small ‘sampans’ during rainy days. We would then go and play these ‘sampans’ on water puddles in the field. It’s the next best thing to do besides catching tadpoles.



And during breezy days, we would play paper planes. Folding a paper plane is really easy and there are many types of paper plane you can fold. Surely the most common ones are the ‘Concorde’ paper plane. I like the conventional paper plane with its wings folded or rolled up. Makes it look like a fighter jet and it flew like one too. It was the best flying toy before I knew how to make a kite.



If you’re from my generation, you would remember ‘Ding Dang’ very well. The chocolate-coated biscuit ball treat comes with a toy and it cost us 50 sen just to get it. 50 sen to us back then was really a lot, especially when we’re still in primary school. To buy one, I would have to save up 10 sen every day from my allowance for a week just to get a box of ‘Ding Dang’. One of the best toys I’ve ever gotten from Ding Dang was a paratrooper – it’s basically a toy soldier tied to a parachute. It was THE toy back then and I had so much fun tossing the paratrooper up high and see it slowly descend from the sky. And of course, it didn’t last very long and it’s too expensive to buy another one. So I end up making my own toy parachute with plastic bags and clothes peg… and it was just as fun.


It’s been fun reminiscing my childhood years. Making fun things to play was the only way to keep us entertain back then and I’m really glad we had those simple things to grow up with. Today, I’m rather glad to be able to share it now with everyone on this social media era especially to the younger generation. I’m also very happy that P1 took this initiative to bring back some good memories and make it fun all over again. I’m impressed, that even as an advanced telecommunication company, P1 still connects with us Malaysians with great memories from the past. I guess technology is only good if you put it to good use. P1 knows that very well and hence you see many of their campaigns are out to connect with us.

These #P1NostalgicNation challenges started out as a competition for us bloggers to win some really attractive prizes. But due to time constraint, I almost missed out completing a few tasks. And to be perfectly honest, I almost gave up too. But I later on decided to continue because I find a need to do so, simply because I truly missed my childhood days.

Winning the grand prize or not, I’m already a winner because having live through these memories again, is an experience money can’t buy. Thanks P1, for Bringing Back The Good Old Days!

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Touching post! Maybe because we are from that era. Thanks for your entry and glad you have tons of fun there. All the best in winning!

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