The Afghan Bruce Lee – Abbas Alizada a.k.a. Bruce Hazara


“Enter The Afghan”, that would be the title of the movie if I’m ever the director of this movie – if it’s real or if it’s ever gonna happen. This 20-year old Afghan is not just a splitting image of the legend Bruce Lee; he’s also striking some kungfu poses like him too.

This young Afghan, who trains in the ruins of a bombed-out palace in Kabul, is recently an Internet hit when photos and videos of him performing back flips and doing the nunchuks are posted on a Facebook called Bruce Hazara, which the nickname is given to him by his friends. His recent success in at a martial arts tournament in Kabul is another reason why he’s fast gaining some fans.

Abbas Alizada comes from a poor family of 10 children and he wants to be a champion in his country and hopefully one day be a Hollywood star.

I looked and I looked again, I can’t deny Abbas Alizada here looks hauntingly similar to the legend Bruce Lee. From his bowl haircut to his physique, from his stances and tight fitting singlet, he could easily pass as Bruce’s stunt double, if he ever needs one. The only thing giving away is his movement. Giving all the similarity, he is still not as fast and swift as the legend Bruce Lee.

Here’s some videos of him in action:

Source: The Straits Times Asia

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