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Replacing my lost driving licence and what to bring.

January 5, 2015 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants with 0 Comments


Many would ask, “How long does it take to replace a lost driving license?”

I would say, “Roughly an hour.”

So early December last year I lost my driving licence, well ok, I did not exactly loose it but I kinda misplaced it and forgot where I kept it. I may have lost misplaced it during the security check to a building where I’m to give them my driving license as reference.

Well long story short, I realised I didn’t have my license after a week. So I went and made a police report after that.

Thinking that some good Samaritan may have found it and eventually return it to me, I waited for more than a month before I went to redo my driving license.


Now going to the busiest JPJ office is not exactly my first choice, but since I’m around that area, I decided to go ahead and replace to lost driving licence knowing that it’ll take a while but I have got the time.

I had my driving license replaced to the new type a few months back and I know very well that they will retrieve my photo from my MyKad so I went there empty handed.

But in case you need to replace yours, here are the things required to bring over to the JPJ office:
1) A copy of your photo or MyKad if it can be read.
2) Photocopy of your MyKad.

Go to the JPJ office in the morning, avoid afternoon crowd. Most runners will come after lunch time. I arrived at JPJ Petaling Jaya at around 11.35am, took my queue number and waited in line. There were 48 people in front of me but it’s ok. The first 30 minutes was a slow wait, only 20 customers gone. But after that, the line went rather fast.

After waiting for an hour, it’s finally my turn. Gave the officer my queue number and MyKad, paid RM20 for replacement of card, collect my receipt and then went over to the scanning room to retrieve my photo from my MyKad. After another 5 minutes, the officer called out my name and I finally get to collect my new driving license.


To be quite honest, it was quite a pleasant trip there. Yes, the place is forever busy but you’ve got to admit that their service have improved tremendously since those days. Still have plenty of room for improvement but I’m happy with their service this time round.


Just gotten some feedback from friends, apparently you can also renew and change to the this new driving license at Pos Laju offices. They no longer replace it with the temporary laminated license but an actually hard printed card instead. So I would assume that they can actually replace your driving license too.

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