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850 by webe Contest – More Prizes To Be Won

May 18, 2016 by Galvin Tan in Featured, Technology with 0 Comments

Sick and tired of seeing too many #Webe850 QR code in your Facebook Timeline? Think you’ve seen enough of Webe? Well, think again.

There's more

Because Webe is not stopping with the A-maze-ing Maze and the QR code frenzy. To extend the customer engagement campaign, Webe will be extending their activation campaign on Webe850 app starting from today.

In fact, there will be a few more activation from Webe until the month of June. So don’t slack if you want to win those attractive prizes from Webe.



Here are the next and upcoming activation campaign from Webe:

Challenge 1 : The Amazing Maze

Activation Period 1: 11/05/16 – 16/05/16

At the venue, the Contestant is required to (i) answer 1 quiz and (ii) use the webe 850 app to scan for the correct QR code to stand a chance to enter the maze.

If Contestant fails (i) and (ii), Contestant is not allowed to enter into the maze.

If the Contestant succeed in (i) and (ii), the Contestant will then be allowed to enter the maze. There will be many random QR codes being displayed in the maze. Contestant is required to scan as many QR Codes as possible to stand a chance to collect as many scores as possible and stand a chance to win the Challenge 1 Prizes.

Challenge 1: inside the maze: limited to 500 Contestants per day.

Challenge 2: Lifestyle Treats

Activation Period 2: 18/05/16 – 27/05/16

During Activation Period 2, hints will be given on the merchant store in the webe 850 app. Contestant is required to hunt for the correct merchant to scan the QR code at the said merchant store.

Challenge 2 Prizes is limited to 400 daily winners only at each merchant store on a first come first serve basis.

Challenge 3: Looping QR Hunt

Activation Period 3: 25/05/16 – 31/05/16

During Activation Period 3, we will inform you of the venue and relevant information in the webe 850 app.

Contestant is required to go to the venue to look for the randomised running QR code on digital screens and also on webe’s digital kiosk which may be available at the venue. Contestant must use the webe 850 app to scan the QR codes to stand a chance to win scores and Challenge 3 Prizes.

Challenge 4: TGV Activation

Activation Period 4: 18/06/16 (1 day only)

During Activation Period 4, Contestant is required to go to the 5 selected TGV cinemas. You will find the information in webe 850 mobile app.

Contestant is required to go to the correct TGV Cinema to scan the static QR code to stand a chance to win Challenge 3 Prize, which is, a ticket to watch a movie we selected on that day itself.

Challenge 4 Prize is limited to 10,445 Contestants only on a first come to first serve basis.

Lucky Draw

There will be three lucky draws during the Contest Period. During the Contest Period, Contestant should try to play “Today’s Quiz” appearing in the webe 850 app every day to stand a chance to enter the lucky draws to win Lucky Draw Prizes. 1 quiz per day only.

Scores collected during the Contest Period and will be accumulated. The highest scores will win Grand Prizes

Just In Case

If you’re new to  this #webe850 frenzy and wanted to know more, head on over to their website here and download the 850 by Webe app.

Once you’ve installed your #webe850 app, don’t forget to scan more QR code :)


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