Replacing my lost driving licence and what to bring.


Many would ask, “How long does it take to replace a lost driving license?”

I would say, “Roughly an hour.”

So early December last year I lost my driving licence, well ok, I did not exactly loose it but I kinda misplaced it and forgot where I kept it. I may have lost misplaced it during the security check to a building where I’m to give them my driving license as reference.

Well long story short, I realised I didn’t have my license after a week. So I went and made a police report after that.

Thinking that some good Samaritan may have found it and eventually return it to me, I waited for more than a month before I went to redo my driving license.


Now going to the busiest JPJ office is not exactly my first choice, but since I’m around that area, I decided to go ahead and replace to lost driving licence knowing that it’ll take a while but I have got the time.

I had my driving license replaced to the new type a few months back and I know very well that they will retrieve my photo from my MyKad so I went there empty handed.

But in case you need to replace yours, here are the things required to bring over to the JPJ office:
1) A copy of your photo or MyKad if it can be read.
2) Photocopy of your MyKad.

Go to the JPJ office in the morning, avoid afternoon crowd. Most runners will come after lunch time. I arrived at JPJ Petaling Jaya at around 11.35am, took my queue number and waited in line. There were 48 people in front of me but it’s ok. The first 30 minutes was a slow wait, only 20 customers gone. But after that, the line went rather fast.

After waiting for an hour, it’s finally my turn. Gave the officer my queue number and MyKad, paid RM20 for replacement of card, collect my receipt and then went over to the scanning room to retrieve my photo from my MyKad. After another 5 minutes, the officer called out my name and I finally get to collect my new driving license.


To be quite honest, it was quite a pleasant trip there. Yes, the place is forever busy but you’ve got to admit that their service have improved tremendously since those days. Still have plenty of room for improvement but I’m happy with their service this time round.


Just gotten some feedback from friends, apparently you can also renew and change to the this new driving license at Pos Laju offices. They no longer replace it with the temporary laminated license but an actually hard printed card instead. So I would assume that they can actually replace your driving license too.

Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ Baby All Grown Up

Nirvana Nevermind

I grew up listening to a lot of Nirvana and Green Day during my college days. It was the time of grunge, skate boards and long ponytail hair. My first Nirvana album was ‘Nevermind’ and it was special edition Gold CD album.  Unbelievably, that was 20 years ago. Today, Nevermind remains as one of my favourite album with some of the best songs from Nirvana.

If you’re a Nirvana fan too, you’d probably have the Nevermind album too and you’d probably remember the baby on the CD cover. Yep, the baby from Nirvana’s Nevermind album is all grown up now and he recently celebrated his 22nd birthday.


The 22 year old Nirvana baby is Spencer Elden and he’s now a fine art student at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. His father Rick was an artist rigging special effects for Hollywood and he decided let his newborn baby boy appear as a model for an ‘up-and-coming’ band’s new album in 1991. The photo was taken by a photographer friend of his father and there was no model release agreement signed, so Spencer is not getting any royalty from one of the best-selling album from Nirvana. The picture kind of portrays the situation then, ‘never mind’!

Check out this interview Elden did with CNN:

So, feeling old yet?? Haha

Deactivate Your Voicemail and Help Lower Down Phone Bills


Now here’s something I just discovered. Perhaps I’m a bit way slow on this matter but I’m quite sure many people are not aware this. Nobody told me this before so that’s why I’m getting charged every time I make a call but gets the voicemail. The thing is, I’m not alone. Many mobile users are paying extra just because somebody else had their voicemail activated!

I’m a Maxis Post-Plan subscriber and I recently discovered that I’m paying extra for my phone usage just because I make calls but I get the voicemail instead. For every voicemail I get trying to call another Maxis line, I get charged 6 cents (RM0.06). For every voicemail I get trying to call another person on different network, I get charged 9 cents (RM0.09).


Just last month alone, I make 187 calls and around 50 calls are getting the voicemail of the person I called. Out of the 50 voicemail calls I made, 19 calls are Domestic Maxis-to-Maxis voice calls (total RM1.14) and 31 calls are Domestic Maxis-to-Non Maxis voice calls (total RM2.79). It adds up to RM5.00 a month and RM60.00 a year of useless calls to the voicemail which I hardly leave any voice message behind! Yeah, it may not seem a lot but every cents count specially with the rising cost of living in Malaysia.

Now this voicemail charges do not just apply just to Maxis users, but to all telcos – we’re talking about Maxis, Celcom, DiGi, U Mobile and etc. So whether you’re a Maxis, Celcom, DiGi or U Mobile subscriber, PLEASE DEACTIVATE YOUR VOICEMAIL from today onwards if you don’t need it. I know the service is free for you to activate, but how often do you check your voicemail nowadays?


You can always deactivate your voicemail but you can’t tell everyone else to do the same. However, you can still save yourself from paying extra and avoid getting the voicemail whenever you’re making a phone call. Here’s how:

1)      When making a phone call, hang up after the fourth ring tone. If nobody picks up by then, call back again and do the same until somebody picks up the phone. If still nobody is picking your call after the 3 attempt calling, most probably they are not available. Call them back later.

2)      When you get a CALLER RING TONE instead (music ringtone) and you can’t tell how many times the phone rang, just count to 4 seconds upon hearing the music ring tone. This is to avoid getting the voicemail after the fifth ring tone (usually 4-5 seconds).

If you still have your voicemail activated, for goodness sake please get it deactivated immediately if you really don’t need. If you’re not sure whether you have a voicemail or not, just give your telco a call and find out. It is that simple.

Images of 2014 Proposed Toll Price Hike Leaked


The leaked images (photo captured) was shared on yesterday by an unknown forumer and the two images clearly show the current toll pricing and the a suggested price hike.

Now we don’t know the legitimacy of these images and the new pricing but if it’s true, it’s gonna be a major pain for many Malaysian motorist.

TOL3_zps6d40a4a4 TOL4_zps3cdfc3e3


RON 97 Petrol Price Increased by 15 sen to RM2.85


As of September 5, the fuel price for RON97 will be increased by 15 sen from RM2.70 to RM2.85. This was confirmed by the Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia president Datuk Hashim Othman.

Just two days ago, RON95 has been increased by 20 sen from RM1.90 to RM2.10. According to our PM Najib Razak, we are paying less because the government has subsidized RM0.63 from the actual price. We did a little calculation and found out that RON95 is more expensive than RON97 before subsidy! Something must be wrong somewhere, right?

So today, the government announced RON97 will be increased by 15 sen to RM2.85. Surely, the new price of RM2.85 is definitely more than RM2.73.

See Also: Malaysian Fuel Price History

RON95 and Diesel Prices Up 20 Sen – Congestion and Rage


PM Najib Razak announced that petrol prices for RON95 and diesel will be increased by 20 sen effective 12 midnight on September 3. Surely this announcement does not favour many and caused quite a fuss in many petrol kiosks nationwide.

After the announcement, many angry rakyat have no choice but turn to social network sites like Facebook and Twitter to rant their displeasures, including myself. Rakyat blame the government but many blame others for being ‘Kiasu’ with the price hike and causing unnecessary congestion around the neighbourhood. Some even vent their anger at the petrol kiosk.

An incident that took place at an unknown petrol kiosk happened last night.

Honestly, we shouldn’t be blaming each other as we, the rakyat, are clearly the victim. To view the history of fuel price in Malaysia, click here.

Poor Service in Subang Jaya Noodle House Leaves a Bad Aftertaste

After a long day in Ipoh and a tiring drive back, we look forward to a nice dinner nearby our house. It’s a Sunday so as usual, most of the restaurants in Subang are lining up with customers. We decided to have dinner at a particular noodle house, which I choose not to name them, for our dinner and it was definitely a bad choice.

After getting a parking spot, we head over to the noodle house which was rather busy too. It’s the only shop around that area which was not as packed but I can see many families with kid dining there so I was hoping that they will have a baby chair for Jade Lynn too. We got a table and a foreign worker (most likely Nepalese) came over with the menus. Immediately, I asked for a baby chair. Although I see many baby chairs but and they are all taken. He went off and not knowing whether he heard my request, I asked another foreign worker to find me a baby chair – that’s when I realized that all the workers in the restaurant are foreigners and it’s a Chinese Noodle House! Wifey is carrying Jade Lynn because we still haven’t got a chair for her and the first guy came back with an empty look. Thinking that these guys couldn’t understand me, I asked the supervisor (she’s Nepalese or Burmese too although she speaks rather poor Cantonese with a bad accent) for a baby chair but I was being ignored once again.

The first Nepalese guy took our order and was struggling to understand our orders so we had to order by pointing to the number on the menu rather than telling him what we want.

After a good five minutes, still without a baby seat for Jade Lynn and wifey was getting pretty annoyed, I stood up and went around hoping to find one. Just as I expected, I found an empty one in a hidden corner, a place where they would probably keep the baby seats, and nobody bothers to get it for me. I was terribly annoyed at that point and went over to grab it myself. Only then, we finally get to seat Jade Lynn down properly for her meal. That’s after a good ten minutes after arriving.

A while more, our food came but once again, they pissed me off. They missed out my order and it’s the exact food my sister-in-law was having and we asked for two sets of it, and yet they screwed up. It took them another five minutes for my meal to be served but the food was just bad… flat cold – as if the Char Siu was left there hanging the whole day and was all fats.  The bean sprouts tasted like pepper with fried shallots, pretty much tasteless. And they served normal white rice instead of fragrant oil rice which usually comes with a meal. It was absolutely a horrible experience.

Not wanting to ruin my family’s dinner, I decided to keep my cool and not make a big fuss out of it. However, I still have pretty much heat in my system so I left a bunch of nasty comments on their Foursquare location instead. Hopefully one day the restaurant owner, and hopefully a Malaysian, would read it one day. I’m not discriminating these foreign workers; I strongly feel that if they do not understand the customers, they shouldn’t be there.

Bad service and poor food quality is absolutely unacceptable so that was our last time patronizing that place.

5 Easy Steps to Avoid Jumping to Conclusions

It’s not the healthiest thing to do but we’ve all done it one time or another. Most people simply jumps into an argument even without knowing the base of their disagreement. Most people blindly do so because the majority does so.

Being in a multi-ethnic country, we Malaysians are a family and we must turn to our humble side once in a while in respect of our cultural differences. Sadly, our family ties have grown weaker thanks to some irresponsible politicians stirring racial sentiments merely for political control. Strong allegations and defamations are being thrown around causing many innocent Malaysians to suffer.

However, we as Malaysians should know we should know better of their dirty tricks and always take a step back before making any regrettable decision. So here’s a ‘5 Easy Steps’ guide for Malaysians to avoid jumping to any despicable conclusions.

Step 1: Take A Step Back
Before engaging full on in sensitive issues, take a step back and look at what the information really is. Before you decide something untoward is going on, you need to get more information.

Step 2: Check Quality of Information
Thanks to Social Media, information gets circulated quicker than you say Malaysia Boleh. We’ve seen many of such incidents; a possibility of information is flawed or incomplete causing disturbance and misunderstanding. So check and double check all the time.

Step 3: Find Reliable Source
Find a reliable source for more information. Unfortunately, main stream media in Malaysia is not exactly the best source for it. Look up for independent and reliable online media instead, but do take whatever you read or hear with a grain of salt.

Step 4: Investigate
Put on your Sherlock’s hat and do some digging yourself. Find more information relevant to the situation or issue before you say or do anything. To get things right, sometimes you have to do it yourself, right?

Step 5: Give the Benefit of the Doubt
Last but not least, always give people the benefit of the doubt. In most scenarios, not everything is the same as it has been reported and making assumptions can prove embarrassing to everyone involved.

I hope you’ll find this ‘5 Easy Steps’ guide helpful and will share it with your family and friends. Remember, always do the right thing – Be a responsible and considerate Malaysian.

Why Utility Companies Should Adopt Social Media

TNB Like!
Most businesses in Malaysia have adopted Social Media as part of their business process and many have plenty of success stories to share. I truly believe it’s high time that utility companies in Malaysia like Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Telekom Malaysia (TM ) and Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (SYABAS) to adopt Social Media as part of their customer service process.

The reason I brought this matter up because I had numerous unfortunate events with power outage while I was at home yesterday. Occasional power outage is acceptable but when it hits you 3-4 times within two hours at night, then you have to do something about it. It’s bad enough you have to stumble around in the dark looking for your phone, it’s even a bigger pain trying to call up the customer service line. When all attempts failed, the next sensible thing to do is to put your complaint via Facebook.

While most of them (utility companies) have got a social media presence, most are not really well-managed.

However, I would like to highlight an event where it has totally changed my perception. TNB has a Facebook page and a Twitter account; I decided to leave my complaint on their Facebook wall instead. To my surprise, I received a comment reply from the administrator almost immediately… even long after midnight. Somebody is actually manning the page and I must say that I’m quite impressed with their efficiency. Even though there’s nothing much the Admin behind the Facebook account can do about the power outage situation, it is good enough that customer’s complains are being heard.

TNB Facebook Page
Complaint posted on TNB Careline page

Private Message with TNB
Chat with TNB Careline admin via Private Message


Well done to Admin Zamoli and kudos to Tenaga Nasional Berhad! That’s Social Media done right; also the very reason why every other utility company should adopt it.

A Whopping RM380 Million for McDonald’s ‘Minions’?

McDonald's Minions - Happy Meal

The Minions craze is sweeping across nation as the chase to collect ‘em all Minions are pretty much getting out of control. Singapore and Manila are suffering the same fate too.

These Minions, sold with every McDonald’s Happy Meal are being snapped up within hours and most McDonald’s outlets in the Klang Valley will be out of Minions before lunch time. Young adults would queue up from Wednesday night before a new set of Minions are available on Thursday morning.


This craze has gone to such extreme where Minions are being auction on eBay and the final bid for a set of Minions was at RM380,000,000. The bidding has since closed on July 17.  Only one question remains – if this turns out to be true, who in their right mind would pay RM380 million for a set of plastic toys?


[Source: MyLaunchPad]
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