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Puki Song

Puki Song

Malaysians define PUKI as the genital part of the female and a common word use to curse someone. In English, that word has the same meaning..

August 12, 2010 with 0 Comments
The reason why the stadium collapsed

The reason why the stadium collapsed

The reason why the stadium collapsed 2 days ago as told by the contractor. Click to enlarge image

June 4, 2009 with 3 Comments

Superhero found in Singapore

As a child, most of us wish we were some superhero. As an adult, some of us still wish we had some kind of a superpower (too much of the..

May 5, 2009 with 11 Comments
Ken Leeeeeee…

Ken Leeeeeee…

American Idol is back with season 9 and I’m really looking forward to it. While browsing through YouTube for some of those..

January 22, 2009 with 4 Comments
Learn To Speak Hokkien

Learn To Speak Hokkien

I swear a lot, I admit. Swearing is good, it’s another way of anger management. I chose to swear than to pick a fight. Of course,..

May 29, 2008 with 9 Comments

Superbikes vs Supertolls

When Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu decided to impose a ban on superbikes from the highway, I was wondering what will happen if the ban proposal..

October 8, 2007 with 10 Comments

Makes Me Wonder

I just noticed something.  Not sure if anyone else notice this too but there’s been plenty of road works going on. Many trunk roads..

August 16, 2007 with 4 Comments

Locate your friends with GPS-Google Earth website

This is incredible! Put someone’s mobile number into this and it will track their location via GPS and zoom in to their present..

April 18, 2007 with 0 Comments
Knockoff Showdown

Knockoff Showdown

For years, China has been copying and manufacturing the world’s best products, from China’s Chery QQ which has a surprising..

April 17, 2007 with 5 Comments

Gender of Your Vehicle

For ages men have given their beloved vehicle such as ships, planes, yachts, cars and even bikes a name. Usually they’ll named them..

April 10, 2007 with 6 Comments
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