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How Secure Is Your Password?


If you think your password is secure enough, think again. That one common problem that most of us are facing today is that we have way too many internet accounts which require way too many password variations to remember. While some logins only require a 6-digit numeric password, others can be way too complex with case-sensitive alphanumeric characters.

Many of us often have the habit of using something dear or close to our heart as password and many of these passwords are often our birth date, mobile phone numbers, ID numbers and our previously owned car plate numbers. This is rather alarming and something we often ignore – when something is most dear to us, is often that something can be used against us.

8 Character PasswordHere’s an example of how fast it is to crack an eight character password.

I know some friends of mine who have a set of fixed passwords for their frequently used accounts, and I have to admit that I too share the same habit of recycling some old passwords for different accounts. While your passwords are somewhat safe with you, a simple password cracking PC software can easily crack your password and access your account faster than you can say ‘Oh my gosh, my account have been hacked!’.

How Secure Is My Password?

So, if you really want to keep your Internet and web accounts safe, try using something you’re less familiar with. Sure, remembering your password would be a hell but it sure is better than having some stranger going through your personal accounts and documents without your knowledge. So once you’ve got a preferred password in mind, do a quick cross-checking with just to see how secure your password is. Most likely, your password choice can be cracked with a desktop PC is less than 10 minutes. So pick one which will take novemdecillion years to do so!


Protecting Multiple Devices in a Single Solution with Norton 360 Multi-Device

norton-360-multi-device (1)

Many urbanites are carrying more than one connected device and it’s rather alarming that many is taking for granted that threats to their privacy and personal life could be just a click away. As the world increasingly becomes a ‘multi-device personality’, the cyber threats out there increases as well. There is not a single-unit device that will be able to encompass all our smartphones, tablets and computers features into one, but there is a single solution to protect all our devices.

The latest Norton 360 Multi-Device from Norton by Symantec protects us from evolving threats in our daily online lives. The latest version improves on the industry’s leading protection and performance, and is designed for compatibility with the new features of Windows 8.1. The Norton 360 Multi-Device comes in the form of a single license to protect up to five different devices.

According to the 2013 Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, Web attacks increased 30 percent in 2012, driven by the easy availability of malware toolkits and the high frequency of unpatched vulnerabilities on websites. We are exposed to cyber threats even when visiting a legitimate website, putting our devices and personal information at risk. Norton 360 Multi-Device actively protects your devices from online threats, without impacting speed and performance.


The Norton 360 Multi-Device product’s five patented layers of protection provide comprehensive security, improved performance and ease of usability. The key features include:

  • Multi-Device Protection – The Norton 360 Multi-Device software gives protection to all devices – PCs, Mac, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets.
  • SONAR Behavioural Protection – SONAR detects the signs that a file is dangerous to proactively protect you from never-before-seen threats. It helps with the removal and cleanup of malware attempts by saving the evidence of the attack for later use by Norton’s repair technologies. This remediation helps to ensure that all traces of a malware attack are removed and a system is returned to its original state.
  • Internet Protection System – This feature actively protects your devices from online threats. The system scours websites and social networking sites for suspicious links and content to identify the latest social networking scams.
  • Parental Control – This feature helps you protect your kids from online dangers by giving you direct access to Norton Family. Norton Family is a web-based service that helps connect parents to their children’s online lives and start a dialogue about appropriate online habits.
  • Faster performance – Based on recent testing, compared with last year’s releases, Norton products have improved boot time by 15 percent, install speed by 10 percent and memory usage during scan by 100MBs, resulting in the fastest and lightest performance yet. (Source: PassMark, August 2013)
  • Locate missing phones/tablets – The Scream Alarm feature alerts you to the location of a misplaced mobile device, and the Remote Locate feature pinpoints your lost or stolen device on a map.
  • Enhanced Norton Identity Safe Norton Identity Safe remembers, secures and automatically enters your usernames and passwords for you, so they can’t be lost or stolen. The latest release offers enhanced password management tool, including improved form filling, with drag-and-drop functionality and full vault searches available directly from the toolbar to help manage passwords even more securely and conveniently.



The latest version of Norton 360 Multi-Device, is now available for purchase in Malaysia through various retailers and online at The MSRP for Norton 360 Multi-Device is MYR 189.00, which provides one year of protection for up to three devices.



Symantec: Top 5 Social Media Attacks in 2013

Be street smart on social media with Norton by Symantec


While social networks play an important part in my life, it could also potentially destroy my life. Today, there are hundreds of social networking sites that connect us in ways that were never even thought of a decade ago. While social networks are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, they can also be used against us. By being just a little conscious of what personal information gets out to other people can be very instrumental in keeping our important information safe and private, where it belongs.

As we welcome 2014, learn how to stay vigilant and protect yourself on social networks. Knowing the common social media attacks will help us to know what to look out for. The following are the Top 5 Social Media Attacks in 2013 and a description of what they are.

Top 5 Social Media Attacks, 2013 (Source: Symantec)

Fake Offering.
These scams invite social network users to join a fake event or group with
incentives such as free gift cards. Joining often requires the user to share credentials with
the attacker or send a text to a premium rate number.

Fake Plug-in Scams.
Users are tricked into downloading fake browser extensions on their machines. Rogue browser extensions can pose like legitimate extensions but when installed can steal sensitive information from the infected machine.

Using fake “Like” buttons, attackers trick users into clicking website buttons that install malware and may post updates on a user’s newsfeed, spreading the attack.

Fake Apps.
Applications provided by attackers that appear to be legitimate apps; however, they contain a malicious payload. The attackers often take legitimate apps, bundle malware with them, and then re-release it as a free version of the app.

Manual Sharing Scams.
These rely on victims to actually do the hard work of sharing the scam by presenting them with intriguing videos, fake offers or messages that they share with their friends.


Protect yourself from social media traps with these simple steps
Here are a few simple tips you can follow to protect yourself on social networks:

  • Be Discrete: Be careful of what you post in your profile page, a forum, instant message, or any form of electronic communication to help thwart possible ID theft of other forms of malicious threats. Stuff like personal and business names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates etc. are potentially dangerous to have fully exposed. Be more general in your posts/information making it harder for someone to potentially use the information against you.
  • Skepticism is your friend: While social network sites have tons of useful and useless information, it is important that you keep a high level of skepticism. People often lie for their own gain, or just spout rubbish out of ignorance.
  • Think Before You Speak You Mind: Although the internet does provide a small level of anonymity things can sometimes come back and bite you in the rear. This includes anything from obscenity, insults, or wild statements. Be chill, be professional. Simply put, think before you type.
  • Professionalism is your friend: Everything you put online including the photos, videos and status updates are there for the world to see. Only post information that you don’t mind people knowing. Besides cyber thieves, often university admissions teams and potentials employers will look at your social networking profile to find out more about you. So be sensible and professional.
  • Be Vigilant: Well ever think if that person you’re talking to is who they say they are? People aren’t always who they say they are. And until you can somehow verify the information they give you, never reveal any personal, financial, or business information.
  • Check Your Privacy Settings: Social networks have sometimes been notorious for allowing others to see your information, even if they are not your “friend”. However, they will also have available their privacy guidelines/rules. Review the privacy settings and restrict the access to your personal information.
  • Beware of fake invitations: Beware of fake invitations on social media. Do not accept invitations to events with incentives such as free gifts on social networks. Joining usually requires personal and credit information, which could open you up to fraud or attacks.


[Photo source:]

EPSON Digital Garment Printers at Large

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EPSON, our household name for digital imaging and printing for as long as I can remember, is now entering into the realm of fashion and textile printing industry with the launch of three F-Series large format printers. EPSON Malaysia recently introduces two rolled-fed dye sublimation fabric printers – a 44-inch SureColor™ SC-F6070 and a 64-inch SureColor™ SC-F7070, as well as the SureColor™ SC-F2000 series, its first direct-to-garment printers.

64-inch SureColor SC-F7070 44-inch SureColor SC-F6070

The new SureColor™ SC-F6070/7070 printers are not only the first dye-sublimation models from Epson, but also the first in the market which every component – from ink and print-head to printer chassis and bulk in delivery system – is designed and manufactured by a single company. Although it’s still a print transfer technology, however the result is a higher in performance and specifically designed for exceptional reliability and industrial-level production with high quality output up to 1,440 x 720 dpi on all leading transfer paper.

SureColor SC-F2000 - Print on Black

Also setting new benchmarks in digital t-shirt printing is the SureColor™ SC-F2000 – It is wholly designed and manufactured by Epson’s proprietary technology, and is designed specifically for high performance direct-to-garment imaging. It produces outstanding print quality, yet with low maintenance and running costs. It enables businesses to offer a new t-shirt design and print service with a faster return-on-investment (ROI).

While it may sound rather fascinating and exciting, these printers do come with heavy price tags. The SureColor™ SC-F6070/7070 printers are retailing at RM26,188 and RM71,500 respectively and the SureColor™ SC-F2000 is also retailing at RM71,500.

Although these printers are targeted towards SME and home-based businesses, Epson is aware that these heavy price tags may turn away many potential clients. For that, they engage in partnership and help these businesses grow together. If you’re interested in getting into the garment printing business, you can always give them a call or visit their official website at

Electri-Fry Your Palate With The Newest Tefal ActiFry FZ7072

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Cooking is not exactly my strongest trait, although I cook occasionally at home but I’m no MasterChef yet. Cooking is fun, especially when you get to cook your favourite food and snacks. The simplest method of cooking is to fry everything and most of the time the food taste really good. Some people said that the tastiest food is the most sinful food, I couldn’t agree more.

Fried food and snacks are the easiest and quickest way to prepare a meal. Be it fried egg or French fries, fried food can easily lead to other bad health and coronary disease.  So it’s very important to eat right and cook right. Tefal, the world’s leading cookware and home appliances maker recently introduces its newest invention that makes modern days cooking much healthier and practical.

(L-R) Dino Goh, Kelvin Mow, & Chef Anis Nabilah giving thumbs up to the Tefal ActiFry

(L-R) AFC Nutritionist, Dino Goh, Kelvin Mow, MD of Groupe SEB & AFC Celebrity Chef Anis Nabilah giving the thumbs up to the Tefal ActiFry

That piece of cooking technology is the Tefal ActiFry FZ7072 electrical cooker. This highly-acclaimed appliance from France is the No. 1 cooker in Europe and Canada, and is said to provide a healthy and more convenient way to cook, giving tasty results, while preserving the nutrients inside the food. Now I have seen it in action and I’ve tried the food. Now I can’t tell how much nutrients are being preserved, but I’m pretty sure that the food that Chef Anis dished out was pretty good.

(L-R) Dino Goh & Chef Anis Nabilah tasting the food cooked by Tefals ActiFryCooking demonstration by AFC Nutritionist Dino Goh & AFC Celebrity Chef Anis Nabilah tasting the food cooked with Tefal ActiFry FZ7072

Just like the Phillips Air Fryer, Tefal ActiFry FZ7072 too uses hot air to cook the food evenly inside. Its pulsed hot air circulation system that produces an even hot air flow while cooking, enhances the taste of food, and preserves the vitamins and nutritional value, without drying out the natural flavour of the food.


Unlike conventional frying methods, the Tefal ActiFry FZ7072 is a natural and healthy solution for wholesome cooking as it uses lesser amount of cooking oil. The cooker comes with an ingenious ActiFry measurement spoon (14ml) that allows users to control the quantity of oil used in the cooking. Minimal oil is required as a spoonful of oil is enough to cook one kilogram of fresh French fries resulting in only 3% of fat. So this is how you can really enjoy guilt-free sinful fried snacks every now and then.

In addition to Tefal’s patented cutting –edge technology, the cook comes with an automatic stirring paddle for optimal dispense of oil and consistent cooking rotation enabling 100% hands-free cooking. The inner pot is made out of non-stick ceramic coating which allows the food ingredients to mix easily without getting stuck to the pot.

The cooker also comes with a snacking rack that helps to scoop the food out, and enables excess oil to drain off easily before serving. The cooker has a built-in 60-minute digital timer that beeps at the end of the cooking to let you know when the food is ready and to prevent the food from overcooking and burning. Furthermore, the transparent lid allows easy monitoring of the cooking process and all parts are removable and dishwasher safe. This will make it so much easier for most men who hate cleaning up after cooking up storm in the kitchen.

So if you’re ready to stick to good eating habits and a healthier lifestyle, perhaps it’s time for you to consider the Tefal ActiFry FZ7072. There’s nothing more important than enjoying your life to the fullest with all the great tasting food you can eat. But do it smart with Tefal ActiFry for a change.


The Tefal ActiFry FZ7072 is now available in main departmental stores and electrical specialists at the retail price of RM999. For more information on Tefal ActiFry, please visit


What’s So Good About MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle?

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Penang White Curry Noodle

So most of us have been hearing much about the Penang white curry instant noodle but what exactly is all the craze about? After months of searching (yes, with limited stock available all over Malaysia) and many going hunting over this hot instant noodle, I finally managed to get my hands on it and gave it a try. So here’s my take on MyKuali Penang White Curry instant noodle and why Malaysians are going ga-ga over it.

Before I go any further, I would like to share some information about MyKuali.

According to TMI, “MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle came in No. 7 on popular noodle blog Ramen Rater’s “Top 10 spiciest instant noodles of all time 2013” and with the “fame”, it is set to hit supermarket shelves in Europe and the United States next year.

MyKuali is manufactured by Sky Thomas Food Industries Sdn Bhd and it was only introduced in May last year. The instant hit instant noodle had sold more than 50,000 cartons nationwide, recording a turnover of about RM1.5 million per month up to November.

Before trying it myself, my general take from everyone else is how good its rich curry paste which makes the soup almost similar with the popular Penang hawker curry mee. I couldn’t agree more.

MyKuali comes in packs of four and inside each pack, there are 3 sachets for the chili paste, seasoning and creamer that makes the curry creamy. Cooking it is like looking any other instant noodles, nothing special about it. The special part comes from the stuff you wanna add into your home-cook MyKuali curry mee.

Some people like it like the original Penang Curry Mee, with see-hum (cockles), taufupok, prawns, long beans and most importantly, coagulated pig’s blood.

Others like me like it simpler with taufupok, cuttlefish and prawns. And it’s the only things I can find in my fridge at that moment when I cooking it.


The cooking process takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on how many packets you’re cooking. I was hosting another friend so I cooked for 3 people and it took me longer than usual to cook.



Usually I will cook the instant noodle with the soup together but for this meal, I separated the cooking process for the noodle and soup. I don’t usually cook it this way, I like it when the noodle absorbs the flavour from soup but because of timing, I had to separate it to prevent the noodle from getting soggy and all mushy.



The extra ingredients are prepared separately too except for the taufupok, I want the taufupok to soak up the flavour of the curry. I briefly cook the prawns and cuttlefish over boiling water and serve it together with the noodle and curry soup.


When I’m finally done preparing my curry noodle, my dish is pretty presentable.

Now fans of MyKuali are right about the rich curry paste which makes the soup almost similar to the real deal, however my wife do not fancy it that much. Can’t blame her since she’s a Penangite and she’s been eating the best Penang and BM curry mee all the while. As for me, I kinda like it because it has a unique flavour of its own. First of all, you must know that MyKuali it’s unlike the original Penang Curry Mee but the flavour is almost similar. The noodle is different and the soup preparation and ingredient are different. And for sure it’s nothing close to the santan-based Curry Laksa served here in KL too.

To me, MyKuali is like a mix of both worlds – not too spicy and not too creamy. Like a said, a unique taste of its own. As for my guest from Penang, he likes it too. He agrees with me that MyKuali is indeed unique and has a flavour of its own. While my wife still prefers Maggi’s Assam Laksa instant noodle, my Penang guest don’t mind having it again.


In the end, we both came to the same conclusion that MyKuali is definitely one of the best instant noodles from Malaysia so far.

Get Your Own Cloud Server with WD My Cloud and WD My Cloud EX 2

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If you’re considering the thought of getting a backup server, why not consider getting a cloud server of your own? Although there are a number of free cloud services available such as iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, GDrive and Tresorit, there’s always the issue with limited storage space and having to pay hefty price to get that extra storage. But with WD My Cloud, you can now own a piece of Cloud for yourself… literally.


WD recently introduces its WD My Cloud WD and WD My Cloud EX2 personal drive cloud storage which provide a complete solution for user to organize, centralize and secure my digital content from all of my computers and mobile devices and access their files from any devices connected to the Internet. Following the success of its WD MY Cloud EX4, the introduction of the single drive WD MY Cloud and the 2-Bay WD My Cloud EX2 system are perfect alternative solutions for users that want an easy, less complicated and private way to store all their digital content.

Now I’ve been a strong advocate of proper storage solution in my previous organisation I’ve worked with, simply because I stress on the importance to keep our digital assets safe and secure for years and hopefully decades to come. Whether it’s a simple portable hard drive or something slightly more complicated like a Network Area Storage (NAS), getting a suitable and reliable storage solution is a must for everyone from this generation – and cloud storage solution is definitely right way to go.

Single Drive WD My Cloud™

Now the single drive WD My Cloud™ is a personal cloud solution for families and even individuals who are connecting, sharing, syncing and backing up numerous mobile devices and computers in their household. And by taking away the complex issue of organizing digital files from various devices and platforms, WD My Cloud provides the perfect storage solution for wherever you are, whenever you want and on whatever devices you have.


Do note that the WD My Cloud is design with the non tech-savvy consumers in mind, streamlining the setup and backup features with just a few clicks of a button. Back up your digital photos from your smart devices and your computer is as easy as a touch of a button. Well, it’s not exactly just a single touch but you get what I mean.

Since WD My Cloud is a drive that sits in your home and connected to your local network, this gives consumer like us complete control of organizing our digital files and also serves as a home’s digital entertainment hub, able to store and stream terabytes of movies and music simultaneously. These media files can be streamed to any DLNA certified multimedia device, or in this case, any Smart TV which is connected to your local network.

The WD My Cloud personal cloud storage comes in the capacities of 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB and it’s compatible with Windows® 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP, OS X Mountain Lion™, LION®, Snow Leopard®, as well as DLNA®/UPnP enabled devices. It works well with Linux OS too if you’re on one of those, much affordable Open Source PC or notebook.

The WD My Cloud personal cloud is retailing at RM499 for 2TB, RM649 for 3TB and RM799 for 4TB, which I feel is a reasonable price to invest since a 2TB hard disk drive alone cost more than half of what you’re paying for… and it’s without the sophisticated and cool casing.

2-Bay WD My Cloud EX2

Just like WD My Cloud, the WD My Cloud EX2 is too a cloud storage, the only difference is, it’s a 2-bay system and most suitable for prosumers. Just like its big brother, the WD My Cloud EX4, the EX2 provides several higher capacity options (than single-drive WD My Cloud) for consumers to choose from, including 4TB, 6TB and 8TB capacities. The 2-bay system allows consumers to start off with a single drive and later on expand its storage capacity by adding yet another drive. If you’re wondering what sort of hard drive to use, WD recommends the WD Red® hard drives which are specially created for ultimate reliability in a unique 24×7 NAS operating environment. You can read more about WD Red® hard drives here.


The WD My Cloud EX2 shares similar features with WD My Cloud, users can store and stream videos and photos connected to TVs, media players, gaming consoles and other DLNA®/UPnP devices. It also includes advanced data serving options including an integrated file server, FTP server, backup server, and P2P download server. Well, you can pretty much be a smaller scale Pirate Bay site. Additionally to that, consumers can download and run a host of third party apps, including some Content Management Systems (CMS) and some free open source applications.

The WD My Cloud EX2 is retailing at RM1159 for 4TB, RM1459 for 6TB, and RM1959 for 8TB which comes with a two year limited warranty.

Both WD My Cloud and WD My Cloud EX2 are available at selected retailers and are distributed by Amble Action Sdn Bhd and Eternal Asia (M) Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. So make sure you get them from the right distributor.

The WD My Cloud mobile app is also available for download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.


[Photos courtesy of WD Malaysia]

Discover Okinawa

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I haven’t been to Japan and honestly I’m quite ignorant about it except on Sushi, PlayStation and J-Pop. I’ll be honest, back when I was still a teenager, Okinawa to me was just a small fishing island in Japan.

So what do I know about Okinawa and how did I get to know about it? Well, come to think of it now, it was rather silly. You see, I love the movie The Karate Kid, and in The Karate Kid: Part II, Okinawa was featured.  In the movie, main actor Daniel LaRusso and his mentor, Mr. Miyagi returned home to Okinawa to visit Mr. Miyagi’s dying father and confront an old rival. Ever since that movie, Okinawa has been on my mind and although my knowledge of that place is still minimal, I did learn a little bit more about that place over the years.

Getting To Know Okinawa

1.Kabira Bay in Ishigaki Island

It is only until recently, when I came across Japan Tourism Board’s Facebook page that I get to learn more about Okinawa. After going through the page, for the first time in my adult life, and let me make it clear once and for all, that Okinawa IS NOT just a fishing island as what I’ve learned from the movie. Okinawa Prefecture is actually the southernmost prefecture of Japan and it comprises hundreds of the Ryukyu Islands in a chain over 1,000 kilometres long. Okinawa encompasses the southern two thirds of that chain. Okinawa’s capital, Naha, is located in the southern part of Okinawa Island. Now let me share a little bit of what I know of Okinawa and its attractions.

Mesmerizing Nature


Perhaps the most mesmerizing side of Okinawa is the nature and the beauty of its surrounding. One of such beautiful place is Kabira Bay on Ishigaki Island. The emerald-blue water framed by long stretches of white sandy beach makes Kabira Bay a dream destination for many tourists and one of the most beautiful views in Japan.

Besides the colourful coral reefs, Okinawa’s clear blue sea, deep pink cherry blossom and beautiful blue skies makes it a perfect destination to take a long drive along the beach.

Beautiful People And Fun Events


I was once told that the best experience to a great vacation is not the destination; it’s the journey to the destination. And the journey wouldn’t be complete without the people of Okinawa. Okinawa is only as beautiful as its people and its rich and colourful cultures.

Okinawans are generally cheerful, friendly people and ever with a smile on their face. This is perhaps the reason why they are the most long-lived people in the world, with a higher percentage of 100-year-olds than anyplace else.  I can only guess that Okinawans live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Many interesting events take place in Okinawa throughout the year and that could be their secret to longevity. Haaree Festival or the Dragon Boat Race festival is held from May 3 to May 5 every year at Tomari port in Naha city. And if the dragon boat race is not tough enough for you, you can always join the Torii Triathlon. This premiere triathlon is a sporting event held TWICE every year in Okinawa during spring and fall.  Here, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to compete against Okinawa’s finest athletes.

People of Okinawa love dancing too. The Eisa dance is one of Okinawa’s traditional performance arts, which is equivalent of Bon odori on mainland Japan. The Eisa dance is one of those performances that will keep you dancing to the delightful and uplifting rhythm of the dynamic beating drums.

Colourful Culture


Okinawa has a colourful culture and even more colourful Bingata. Bingata is an Okinawan traditional resist dyed cloth, made using stencils and other methods. It is generally brightly coloured and features various patterns depicting natural subjects such as fish, water, and flowers. Bingata is worn during traditional Ryūkyū arts performances and historical reenactments.

The Sansen music is rather unique culture of Okinawa as the Sansen, a three-string banjo-like Okinawan music instrument with a snakeskin-covered body.

Nestled on the hill in the northern part of Naha city is the world heritage “Shuri Castle”. It was the palace of the Ryūkyū Kingdom but it was destroyed during the Battle of Okinawa in 1945. Shuri Castle was reconstructed back in 1992 and remained as one of nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Okinawa.

Another unique architectural culture in Okinawa is the Shisa. Shisa is a traditional Ryukyuan decoration, often in pairs, resembling a cross between a lion and a dog, from Okinawan mythology. Shisa are wards, believed to protect homes from evils.

Food To Love


Okinawan unique food and intriguing flavours are easy to love. Try the Sea Grapes and fresh Scampi from the ocean around Okinawa. If you’re not feeling so adventurous, you can always go for the traditional Okinawa noodle called “Okinawa Soba”. Or perhaps you can always go for a good piece of steak, which is also a favorite gourmet among the Okinawans.

Resorts And Other Fun Places


You’d probably be thinking by now that Okinawa is just another scenic tour destination – there’s nothing exciting and non-traditional. If you’re still thinking that way, then you’re up for a surprise. There are plenty more exciting things to do in Okinawa. You can easily book yourself into a nice 5-star hotel or resort by the beach in Okinawa or hold your wedding ceremony in front of the blue ocean. And when you’re finally done wandering around the ocean front, head over to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, this is one of many popular attractions you must go at Ocean Expo Park. When the sun sets, it’s shopping and eating spree along the International Street, a massive shopping and eating strip that cuts a 1.6 kilometer diagonal across the city center.

Getting Excited Yet?

So much to see and so much to do, Okinawa is definitely unlike the fishing island image I had in my mind for the past two decades. I will definitely plan a holiday trip to Okinawa soon. If you’re due for yet another great escapade, MATTA FAIR will be here soon and Japan Tourism Board (Okinawa) will be there, remember to go check out the great deals.

If you’re serious about another holiday travel to Okinawa, do visit Okinawa’s official Facebook page. Okinawa is currently running a #ILoveOkinawa contest and you stand a chance win some freebies by following these three simple steps:

Step 1: Go to and LIKE the page.

Step 2: Fill up all your details (name, email and etc)

Step 3: Choose your three favourite photos from the five categories that I mentioned above and include your comment (don’t worry, it’s optional).

Contest runs from February 10 – March 10, 2014, you must submit your entry in order to win. Once contest period ends, Okinawa will choose a winning photo randomly and 55 participants who choose the same winning photo will be chosen. An email will be sent to winners and the prize will be delivered later on. Yep, it’s that simple.

So what freebies do you stand to win?

1st prize for 5 persons, “Ryukyu Glass”


2nd prize for 50 persons, “Star Sand”


This is a sponsored post. Although this is a sponsored post, my views are based on facts and I DO REALLY WANT TO VISIT OKINAWA in the near future.

Goodies for Budding Entrepreneurs during P1-Rakuten Going e-Commerce Today (GET) Seminar

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P1-Rakuten GET Seminar

I attended the P1-Rakuten Going e-Commerce Today (GET) Seminar at Packet Hub in Petaling Jaya and it is a something worth a mention. This free seminar is jointly organised by P1 and Rakuten Online Shopping, which offers a glimpse into e-Commerce for budding entrepreneurs just like me. In the U.S., Forrester is projecting that online retail sales will reach $370 billion by 2017, up from $231 billion in 2013 and it’s high time for more Malaysians to get their business online.

The keynote speakers include Mr.Masaya Ueno, CEO of Rakuten Malaysia (Bringing Malaysian Business Online), Mr.Johanqz Ooi, Founder of Heppiface (Social Media Marketing for Your Business) and Ms.Lim Hui Ling, P1 Product & Services (ICT Services to enable e-Commerce).

Rakuten Masaya UenoRakuten Malaysia CEO, Masaya Ueno explaining the Rakuten eco-system and the business model of Rakuten.

Rakuten, is a Japanese electronic commerce and Internet company based in Tokyo, Japan. Its B2B2C e-commerce platform Rakuten Ichiba is the largest e-commerce site in Japan and among the world’s largest by sales. In 2012, Rakuten expanded their presence in Malaysia and it was an instance hit since then. Rakuten Malaysia, headed by CEO Masaya Ueno, empowers merchants with the same online platform with strong online traffic to encourage more Malaysian businesses to go online. Rakuten is a great online shopping platform for budding entrepreneurs to get a good start in e-Commerce or online retail sales.

P1 Lim Hui Ling

P1’s Product & Services specialist, Ms Lim Hui Ling presenting P1’s enterprise solution BizVoice Basic and BizVoice Hosted.

High-speed broadband with voice provider, P1 also presented their business solutions for small business owners to bring their business online. During the seminar, P1’s Product & Services specialist, Ms Lim Hui Ling presented the BizVoice Basic and Hosted solutions – BizVoice Basic works with any keyphone/PABX telephone systems with broadband connectivity and the BizVoice Hosted manages all business voice needs in one platform with intra and inter office calls for FREE. Both solutions are indeed a great ‘starter kit’ or I call it a business tool for small business owners to really kick start their brick and mortar and even online business.

HeppiFace co-founder, Mr. Johangz Ooi giving tips on gaining more market by doing Social Media right.

HeppiFace co-founder, Mr. Johangz Ooi giving tips on gaining more market by doing Social Media right.

Also speaking at the seminar is the founder of HeppiFace, Mr Johangz Ooi. HeppiFace is a Social Media and Facebook marketing company that helps businesses to market on Facebook and other social media platforms. Mr. Johangz shares his knowledge and gave tips on how to gain more business using Facebook and other social media platforms available. He also advised all budding entrepreneurs to start educating themselves on social media and current trends if they really want to excel in their online business.

Mr. Johangz Ooi of HeppiFace, Mr. Masaya Ueno of Rakuten Malaysia and Ms. Lim Hui Ling of P1 answer questions from the floor.

Mr. Johangz Ooi of HeppiFace, Mr. Masaya Ueno of Rakuten Malaysia and Ms. Lim Hui Ling of P1 answer questions from the floor.

Before the end of the seminar, the audience are given chance to ask questions during the Q&A session. The seminar was indeed a treat for everyone who attended it. I hope that P1 and Rakuten will organise more of such seminar and even workshops in the near future. If you would like to find out more of such seminar, do follow P1 on their official Facebook page.

Jeff Dunham ‘Disorderly Conduct 2014’ Tour – Live In Malaysia 2014

February 24, 2014 by Galvin Tan in Entertainment, Featured with 0 Comments

Jeff Dunham Live in Malaysia 2014

Few days ago, comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham announced that he will be making a stop in Malaysia on his first ever tour of Asia. Jeff Dunham is known as “the most popular comedian in the United States” by Time Magazine and he also made it to Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list of most powerful entertainers three years running. But to most of us in Malaysia, Jeff Dunham is better known as the guy who gave us ‘Achmed’ The Dead Terrorist… SILENCE! I KEEL YOU!

Dubbed as Jeff Dunham ‘Disorderly Conduct 2014’ Tour, funny man Jeff Dunham will perform live in Malaysia for the very first time on May 20, 2014 at Sunway Convention Centre. Ticket pricings and details are as follow:

Jeff Dunham Live in Malaysia - Ticket and Category Info

VIP (LIMITED) RM420, Cat 1 RM340, Cat 2 RM270, Cat 3 RM200, Cat 4 RM130. Tickets will be on sale at TicketPro Malaysia from February 25, 2014 onwards. Limited early bird tickets available.

Organised by The Comedy Club KLLOL Events and Malaysia Major Events. For more information on Jeff Dunham and the show, please visit his official website or join the official Facebook event page.

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