More Colours for Budget iPhone


Sonny Dickson continues to feed us with more goodies, reaffirming our speculation of the much rumoured budget iPhone – this time round, a whole bunch of images that would suggest that the budget iPhone would come in variety of colours.

Now I have no ideas where is Sonny getting all these photos but what’s been really consistent about him, is he gets a whole lot of the images. Sonny’s questionable back case of the budget iPhone comes in lime green and may suggest that more colours could be available for the budget iPhone. It seems like Apple could be making its way back to building cool functional gadgets in a fun and colourful way.

[Source: Sonny Dickson]

Leaked Photo of iPhone 5C Plastic Box Casings Suggests Name of Budget iPhone

iPhone 5c Packaging

Binful of iPhone 5C plastic packaging captured in China could possibly be the name of Apple’s upcoming budget iPhone. The packaging clearly shows ‘iPhone 5C’ on its sides and it is pretty similar to the packaging of the 5G iPod touch.

However, there’s no confirmation if the photo is for real or just a rip off from China. Even if it’s being Photoshop-ed, that’s awfully a lot of effort to fool the consumer. And if it’s for real, the assumption would be that the C will stand for ‘Colour’ or ‘plastiC’ or ‘polyCarbonate’ or ‘Consumer’ and even ‘Cheap’. iPhone 5C could even be for the 5 colour options available for the budget iPhone.

Ironically, The Onion came up with this parody earlier this year. (below)

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