Pre-Order Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Celcom, DiGi or U Mobile Now

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be hitting Malaysian shore pretty soon as major telecommunication companies like Celcom, DiGi and U Mobile are opening pre-order page on their website. However, we haven’t heard of seen anything from Maxis website as for now.



DiGi is set to charge ahead with a slew of 24-month packages with EPP and with the cheapest package being the DG SmartPlan 58. For a monthly commitment of RM58, you can purchase the device for RM1,879. And of course, the premium package is DG SmartPlan 148 with a monthly commitment of RM148 and the device price at RM1,319. Pre-order starts today and you can expect to get your unit after September 25.

Pre-book your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from DiGi here.

U Mobile


U Mobile is gaining reputation since after they expended their RAN coverage and they too have open their pre-booking slot on their website. The pre-booking window is from 18-23 September and consumers can expect to get their devices after the 25th.  However, U Mobile does not have details of their packages but only a form for customers to submit their interest.

Pre-book your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from U Mobile here.



According to some sources, Celcom is the first to open up their pre-booking site and the packages their offering are pretty tempting. Their lowest package, the Celcom First Data mPro Plus has a monthly commitment of RM88 over 24 months contract and price of the device is only RM1,588. Their premium package is rather tempting, for a monthly commitment of RM128, you only pay RM1,538 for the device and you get the Samsung Galaxy Gear worth RM999 for FREE! But of course, it’s only for their 1st 100 customers. So if you really want the Galaxy Gear for FREE, then you better sign up quick.

Pre-book your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from Celcom here.



FYI, iPhone 5 will be available in Malaysia on October 26 – Nano SIM Cards are available in Malaysia now.

Many of my friends and readers are still asking when the iPhone 5 will make its way to Malaysia. Well, Apple website has already revealed that the iPhone 5 will be available in October and as of the official date in Malaysia, it will be on October 26 – at least that’s what our local news is reporting.

Maxis Berhad and DiGi have already begin to offer Nano SIM cards to their customers. The Nano SIM is almost a quarter size of a normal SIM card and iPhone 5 is the first smartphone to introduce the use of Nano SIM in Malaysia.

According to Maxis Berhad, a Nano SIM costs RM25 and it was made available since September 24 at Maxis centers in KLCC, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Sunway Pyramid and The Gardens Mall in the Klang Valley, Queensbay Mall in Penang and Danga Bay in Johor Bahru.

DiGi too has announced of the offering of Nano SIM since 26 September. The Nano SIM will be FREE for new DG Smart Plan and DG Postpaid Plus sign ups.  And for existing customers, it will cost RM20 fee for a swap to the new Nano SIM. The Nano SIMs will be available across 250 DiGi outlets nationwide by early October 2012.


DiGi iPhone 4 Life

19 September 2009 was the happiest moment of my life. Julea and I signed the papers and we are officially husband and wife… partners for life.

Just about 2 weeks ago, we celebrated our 1st anniversary. I thought of many gifts for her however she really likes the iPhone 4. Now I could have just easily bought the iPhone 4 for her but I choose to make it more special, I wanna win it for her! A little sacrifice I would do for my wife.

Julea is the longest DiGi customer I’ve ever known. I’ve been calling her DiGi number ever since we dated more than 7 years ago.  Winning this DiGi iPhone 4 for her would be my best gift for her.

The title ‘DiGi iPhone 4 Life’ is rather meaningful to me. Having been calling her on her DiGi line for the past 7 years, I swear that her DiGi number is the ONLY number I will be calling for the rest of my life.

With a brand new iPhone 4, DiGi iPhone 4 will definitely be the DiGi iPhone 4 life!

Let us make of our two lives, one life.

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Looking for a suitable data plan for your iPhone 4 is essential. You need a plan that can suit your lifestyle. DiGi has got a great line up of plans you can subscribe for your iPhone 4. With great plan comes great responsi… well…with great plan comes great fun! That’s for sure. My wife loves the iPhone 4 and I’m gonna try to get it for her… perhaps for a cheaper price.

Some times you just gotta believe in what you see. My wife will definitely be getting this REAL DEAL from DiGi. Perhaps it’s wise for you to check out DiGi iPhone 4 plans for yourself. Check out the plans here.

Also available in downloadable PDF.

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

The iPhone 4 is the ultimate gaming device you WILL carry along everywhere. Be it to work or to the ‘jamban’, you will carry along your iPhone 4, especially when you have a game like Doodle Jump installed. It is the game I play on my iPhone 3G most of the time.

Doodle Jump is perhaps the most simple and exciting game you can ever find on the iTunes App Store. Available for download for only USD 0.99, this game is definitely a keeper.

Doodle Jump comes with many themes and background to make the game more exciting and challenging. It may be a simple game but it gets pretty intense when you reach higher levels.

I can also challenge my friends via my social network by simply posting my high score to Facebook or Twitter.

My wife loves Doodle Jump and so is my dog, Buckie. He’s been dreaming about it a lot especially with the new iPhone 4 from DiGi.

“Buckie Jump” on DiGi iPhone 4? Now that will definitely get us all jumping :)