Is This Why Flappy Bird Creator Took Down The App? Before Nintendo Finds Out?

Flappy Bird is dead and gone. But the question of why the app is gone so quickly is still much of a question everyone is asking about, including myself. I am one of them who got to download the app before if was taken down but I was never good with that game. My personal best is still below 2-digits but I’ve seen some friends almost reaching 3-digits score.

I recently came across a video on YouTube that could perhaps shed some light on why the game is pulled off so quickly. The YouTube video which shows a player reaching Level 999 battling against an iconic game character, Mario from Mario Bros.


Could this be the reason why the creator Dong Nguyen decided to pull off the game before Nintendo finds out? That he used Nintendo graphics and characters for his own personal gain? It only make sense because Nguyen is easily making USD50K / day with Flappy Bird but the potential legal suit from Nintendo could take away every from him including the money that he have already pocketed.

But of course, this is just my personal opinion and speculation. Whether it is the reason to it or not, we will never know. Or unless, this video is wonderfully doctored by the guys at pipocaVFX.

Alarming Facts about Geotagging, Smartphone Camera and Your Kids

Smartphone Camera Geotagging

Although this is nothing new, being a father myself, I feel a sense of responsibility to keep reminding parents out there the risk that they are putting on their children everyday. It has come to my attention that many parents are still taking photos of their pride and joy especially with their smartphones without knowing the risk. Now the thing about a Smartphone, you carry it with you most of the time and it is the easiest way to post photos on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even Photobucket. Now here’s an alarming message to all parents who take photos of their kids with their smartphone – you could be putting your children at risk of abduction.

Smartphone Camera Geotagging

Almost all the latest smartphones in the market comes with better and higher resolution camera for you to take better and clearer pictures of your kids. But what may not know, is that these smartphones can also include information that may give abductees the upper hand when you post photos of your kids online!

Geotagging is a feature that is available on many of the latest smartphones in the market today. It is the process of adding geographical identification and information encoded into your photos taken with your smartphone camera. While the information encoded into your photos may not be visible, but with the help of a number of software available online, anyone can easily retrieve the geographical information from the photos. This information can be easily put into a map that will eventually give out the location of each photo taken.

Smartphone Camera Geotagging

That photo you took of your 3 year-old son at the nanny’s place or the photo from the park you bring your kids to play, will be made available to the public once you uploaded it to social sites. Sure, privacy settings can help but to what extend? Now watch the video below and find out how easy for anyone to actually map out your location from the photos you’ve uploaded online.

The best way to prevent anything bad from happening is to disable your Geotagging on your smartphones. If you’ve no idea how to disable Geotagging on your smartphone, you can refer to the videos below.


Blackberry & iPhone

Now let’s keep your love ones save and always be vigilant with your online activities. Share this article if you find it useful.

WhatsApp Stepping Up with Push-to-Talk Voice Messaging Upgrade


WhatsApp is perhaps one of the most important Apps in every Android and iPhone I’ve ever had and I’m pretty sure it is to everyone else. It is the first App to be installed in my Android and iPhone every time I factory reset my devices and most likely to the 250 million active WhatsApp users too.

With so many players now coming into the picture with better messaging apps, WhatsApp too is stepping up the game by introducing Push-to-Talk messaging in its new upgrade.  Attaching voice messaging on WhatsApp was rather a pain in the past, having to tap tap tap through a variety of settings or menus or whatever you have to go through before you can send your voice message.  WhatsApp new upgrade voice messaging works by pressing and holding the record button while recording the message.

However, there is no indication how long a voice message we can send but I’m sure many WhatsApp users will be very happy with this new upgrade. I know I am.

Tile – Never Misplace Another Thing Again


The World Largest Lost and Found

What if you’re the type of person who regularly misplace stuff easily? Be it your keys, iPod, cap and even your bike. Then Tile is the thing for you.

Small and sleek, Tiles go everywhere you do. You can attach, stick or drop your Tile into any item that you might lose: laptop, wallet, and guitar – you name it, Tile can go with it.

So what’s so great about Tile? For a start, use Tile on as many things as you want. Add up to 10 Tiles on an account and share with people you trust. You can share access to Tiles with friends, family, and trusted coworkers.

Even if your Tile is buried in your laundry of the couch, Tiles will sound an alert if triggered. If you can hear it, you can find it. The Tile app also remembers where it last saw your Tile, so you can easily find it right where you left it. With its unique technology, you can see yourself getting closer and further away from the Tile when within a 50 – 150ft range.

Tile currently Works with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 3rd and 4th gen, and iPod Touch 5th gen. An Android version will not be releasing anytime soon.

Tiles last a year. We’ll remind you when it’s time to order new Tiles and send you an envelope to recycle your old ones. And nope, you don’t need to replace the batteries or even charge your Tiles.

Tile started off as a crowd funded project and have already over hit its $20,000 goal by a whopping $1,964,040 with two days left to go. The 30 over thousands backers who helped funded this project will get an extra bonus Tile with every 3 Tiles bought. A Tile will only cost you $18.95 if you back them now.

Tile is perhaps the simplest form of gadget but it’s unique technology enables us to find stuff easily again. You’re just gonna love it, I know I do.



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Apple Announces 4-inch iPhone 5 with Release Date, Price, Specs and Features [Photos]

As expected, Apple announces the much-anticipated next-generation iPhone 5 at a media event at San Francisco. Once and for all we can end all speculations from the heap of leaked photos and videos are circulation over the social space.

The new design: The latest iPhone 5 is definitely slimmer and still have rooms for a larger display and faster chip. According to numerous Live Blogs during the media event, it is reported that the device has a brand new design, the device is now 18 percent thinner, at 7.6mm the device is 20 percent lighter than the iPhone 4S at 112g.

Although the screen is not wider as anticipated, however, the screen also has 44 percent more color saturation than the iPhone 4S.The device is taller to accommodate an extra line of apps in the home screen boasting 1136 x 640 pixels (or 326 pixels per inch) with a 4-inch Retina display at a 16:9 ratio.

Improved performance: Under the hood, the new iPhone 5 has the A6 processor, twice as fast as the A5 chip and twice as fast in graphics as well, making way for faster performance. It’s also 22 percent smaller than the A5 in the iPhone 4S. There is also a slight improvement on battery life.

Ultrafast wireless: As for connectivity, the handset now includes HDPA+, DC-HSPDA, and 4G LTE for global next-generation networking.

Enhanced hardware: The iSight Camera features an 8-megapixel camera and it takes photos at 3264 x 2448 resolution. It also has backside illumination and a five-element lens. The camera itself is 25 percent smaller. The new iPhone 5 also debut the new ‘Lightning’ dock connector, an 80 percent smaller dock connector.

iOS 6 and new features: With every new iPhone launch, the iOS plays an important role. The iPhone 5 will be running on iOS 6 and feature a number of stuff including the new Apple Maps, a panoramic photo taking experience,  Facebook integration and a few more privacy improvement that will get things going for you.

Pricing & shipping: Pre-orders begin on Friday, September 14th is the US. The iPhone 5 prices will be $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for the 32GB model, and $399 for the 64GB model and it will be on 2-year contract.

The device will ship out to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore on September 21st. Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong being the first few Asian countries to be getting the new iPhone 5 on this date. A quick check on Apple Singapore website shows that they are getting ready to take pre-orders and the price starts at S$948.

The full video of the event is no available of Apple’s website however you can still check out these photos from the Apple media event… yes, a whole lots of them.


 Photos courtesy of

Siri for iPhone vs Voice Actions for Android

Okay, let’s talk about Voice-Actions feature on Android’s Voice Search App, SIRI-ously.

The technology world is buzzing with news and reviews of  Siri even though the world is still mourning the lost of a great inventor of the 21st century. Siri, a personal assistant app that was recently featured on the new iPhone 4S launch, have gotten so much attention, that the fact the new iPhone 4S is not any physically different from the previous iPhone 4 is no longer an issue anymore.

Siri is the future of iPhone and most likely the future of iOS. As the buzz grows louder, then came around a video of yet another revolutionary feature on the Android OS. As fans are flocking to YouTube to catch the latest review videos of Siri, video of Android’s Voice Actions is making its way to the social media network. To be honest, as an iOS and Android user, I’ve never paid much attention to this so-called Voice-Action feature on my Android mobile. However, it is after I learned about Siri, only I then I realised the Voice-Action App for Android.

I’ve been having some debates with friends regarding the existence of an app with voice-activated assistance for smartphones. Some claim that Voice Action has been there on Android OS for a very long time way before Siri and Apple is just a copycat. However, I beg to differ. In my humble opinion, Apple is neither a copycat nor a follower.

Siri is an amazing addition to the new iPhone 4S, so much so that one will buy the iPhone 4S just for it. It’s true that such similar feature is available much earlier on the Android OS; however it was merely unheard of.

When Tablet Computer was first introduced about a decade ago, nobody pays any attention to it. It was in 2007, when Apple first introduced the revolutionary Tablet Computer called the iPad that got every carrying one today.

In my humble opinion again; Apple did not re-invent the wheel, Apple just makes it look cool.

GoogleMobile uploaded a video on August 11, 2010 – Introducing Voice Actions for Android. After one year, it only attracted slightly more than 600K views.

As for Apple, a video that was uploaded on Oct 4, 2011 entitled Apple – Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S, just a week after the launch,  managed to draw more than 3 millions views.

It clearly shows which is more popular then.


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