Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch Set to Launch Next Month


Picture of a prototype Samsung smartwatch was released earlier in the year.

It has been reported that the South Korean giant will unveil its ‘Galaxy Gear’ smartwatch in Berlin on September 4, at the IFA consumer electronics show. Gear is reported to be able to make phone calls, surf the Web and handle e-mails. However, it won’t have a flexible display although Samsung is continuing to work on developing a bendable screen.

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Now some may claim that the Smartphone is dead, I couldn’t agree more but this new wearable device could be one of the trends in the smartphone market, but I’m not sure yet whether watches or glasses will set the trend.

Galaxy Gear will be unveiled the same day as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3.


Samsung “Gear” Trademark and Design Suggest Flexible Wearable Smartwatch

Samsung Smartwatch Design
It looks like smartphone giant Samsung is gearing up for the next big thing and it could be something much closer to us than we thought. News on the Internet about a “wearable” gadget has surfaced many times in the past month and we have every reason to believe that a Smartwatch is on its way.

Samsung “Gear” trademark and design filings alongside with some early picture leaks suggest that Samsung could be well doing their homework on a functional timepiece –  though no clear connection between the flexible design and the name. A concept filing, submitted to the Korean design office earlier this year, show a long, slender screen-centric design that can bend and wrap around the wrist, with Samsung’s familiar “back” and “menu” buttons from its Galaxy range of Android smartphones.

Samsung confirmed back in March that it was looking at wearables and could bring the smartwatch along to IFA 2013 next month. Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Note 3 before the end of this year and the wearable “Gear” will be a great companion device.


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