Why I Deserve to Meet Wayne Rooney in Person

*Updated: 29 OCTOBER 2010

Thank you to everyone who supported and cheered for me during this event. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances in the world of football. I guess my wish to meet Wayne Rooney will have to take a rain cheque.

*Updated: 23 AUGUST 2010

Here’s my last attempt to gain more support from fellow friends and readers. View this video and then give me your support. You know very well that I deserves it!

*Updated: 21 AUGUST 2010

A little support from fellow teammate and Sportsville

Just got back from Sportsville at Sunway Giza, a Pool and Foosball club owned by my teammate, Cyrus Foo.  We managed to put up my custom posters all over the outlet to boost a little confidence towards my campaign to go meet Wayne Rooney.

Sportsville Supervisor Sean Chong, myself and Joshie posing with my poster
Sean, myself with a London Bus (hint hint) and Joshie
My poster up at the multipurpose board at Sportsville
Another poster at Sportsville
I’ve got every corner of Sportsville covered.

*Updated: 20 AUGUST 2010

Fancy to win something for youself?

Well, check out Wayne’s new TVC entitled “The Game Never Ends” and throw in some question you would like to ask about his new TVC. The judges will select the most interesting question and whoever that submits that question will WIN a signed merchandise by Wayne Rooney!

*Updated: 19 AUGUST 2010

Grab a banner and help me win!

Grab more banners here. Post it on your blog. Spread the word. Thank you


If not me, who else? But seriously, if I don’t meet Wayne Rooney now, most likely I will never get this chance to meet him again.

That’s right. Everyone deserves to have a chance, an opportunity to get what they want in life. But to get what I want, first I need to go get it and earn it. And this is exactly what I’m gonna do now.


Recently, I took part in a challenge organised by Tiger FC and it’s called the Tiger Beer Regional Online Influencer Challenge. I’m now shortlisted to be in the running to meet Wayne Rooney in person. For me to win this challenge, I will need your help to see me through.

Tiger Beer Singapore website. This event is by Tiger Beer Singapore.

First I will need to prove myself why I deserve to win this challenge via this blog entry. Football is a game played by 11 players in a team, as the Captain, I will need to find 10 more friends to be my teammates to support me to win this challenge.

So what’s in for you and me if we win? As team captain, I will get to go meet Wayne Rooney in person. I will score a chance to kick some football and have some beer time with him. As my teammates, they will get some official merchandise signed by the Man United hitman himself. After that, we will have our very own beer party to celebrate our victory.

However, friends and readers like you can also help me to win something yourself. All you need to do it to put a comment on my blog post saying that you support me and help spread this blog post to other people.


Who is Wayne Rooney? Wayne Rooney is the main hitman for Manchester United FC, the club that I support and adore. Recently he became the Champion of Tiger FC, an ambassador for Tiger Beer. To a die hard fan and supporter of Manchester United FC like me, Wayne Rooney is like  God. He’s the man that will help us win a few more trophies this year. He’s the man that will bring more glory to the club. His positive attitude now will help pull the team together and lift the spirit and confidence of all the players. Even when he’s badly challenged and tackled, he just won’t budge or take a dive. He is strong and he will never give up easily. He is a Champion… just like me.

I am a Champion because I too share similar trade to Wayne Rooney. I too posses the positive attitude of never giving up. As you can see, I’m nothing like Wayne Rooney physically. However, being a plus size guy, I’ve never let my weight problem stop me from doing things I love the most.

I love playing volleyball and basketball. Back in school days, I represented my school volleyball team. We won the state championship. I was still an overweight player then but that never stop me from becoming one of the top player in the team. I was a good sub-setter and the best server in the team. That was back in high school days though.

Now as a working adult, I still play basketball socially with some friends. Despite my heavy weight, I can still play competitively with the rest of them. Recently, I became a Rookie Champ in a Table Soccer (Foosball) tournament. I am now the oldest Rookie Champ within the foosball community.  You see, I’ve always been an good player since I pick up playing foosball more than a decade ago. I’ve more than a handful of trophies in different category but never in a Rookie event. I started playing foosball competitively when I was in my mid 20’s. Because of my age, I’m not eligible to play in any Rookie event. However this year, a slight change in the system, I’m eligible to play in the Rookie Doubles event. My partner was a 19 year old young chap and we fought our way to become the new Rookie Double Champs.

From left: Cyrus Foo (organiser), me, Danny Lu (my partner) and Zayd (organiser)

I also teamed up with another friend in the same competition and won 3rd placing in the Open Doubles event.

Me and my partner, Cyrus Foo playing in the Open Doubles event. We won3rd placing

After more than a decade playing foosball competitively, I’m finally a Rookie Champ. That’s because I did not give up and I will never give up! That’s an attitude of a Champion… just like Wayne Rooney.


I’m gonna meet Wayne Rooney no matter what and I hope you, as my friends, my readers or my critics can help me win this challenge. If you want me to win this, show your support to me. Drop a comment or two in my comment box below.

Do watch this post as I will be constantly updating.

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